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For those of you who missed Backhand Shelf’s introduction to the concept of “beerability,” you can find out everything you need to know by checking out the lists of the 10 players and 10 coaches who have the most (and you can find the thorough definition of the term there too).

Basically, the more you’d like to sit at a pub over pints with a guy and bullshit, the more beerability he has.

The funny thing with beerability is, the more you get to know about someone, the more their beerability changes. And, it can go in either direction. I’m sure there’s been plenty of athletes and celebrities that made you think “hey, he seems like a pretty cool dude,” that also made you think “what a tool” the second you heard him talk.

Well, here’s the first of our weekly updates on who’s moving up the list, and who’s free-falling down it.

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If you missed it last week, here’s a link to our column last week that explains what “beerability” is. In sum, it’s the totally-made-up index you use to rate how much you’d love to sit around a pub for a dozen straight hours with a person. Laughs, great stories, and general likability all factor into “beerability.”

I’ll be doing one of these posts every week (most, least, players, teams and beyond) until we’ve ranked everyone who matters, because hey: this is a hockey, and being a good dude to sit down with over suds is important (it doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol – pretty sure you could sit down with Shawn Thornton over green tea ice cream and still have an awesome night).

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Beerability (BEER-ah-bill-ih-tee): 1) a measurement that quantifies how much fun it would be to sit at a pub with a person and drink a bunch of beer. They should seem likable. Subjective.

2) What Bill Guerin has in spades.


Fittingly, it was over beers with a few co-workers where the question was posed: which NHL teams and players have the most “beerability,” and who has the least? Our content manager Derek Snider proposed that the Vancouver Canucks have the least beerability in the League, so we started to break it down. Turns out he might have been right about that.

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