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During intermission of last night’s Bruins/Leafs game, Don Cherry was up to his usual routine with Ron MacLean. His focus – nay obsession – was on the Leafs lack of coverage of the points (which is interesting, given how many coaches would much prefer to have the puck up there than around the net, but anyway). His analysis of the play was particularly hilarious in that he didn’t so much analyze as he did watch the video and bellow “POINT!” every time the D touched the puck.

And thus, courtesy Scott Johnson, the Don Cherry POINT soundboard was born. We hope you enjoy.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins paid tribute to the city of Boston before today’s game at TD Garden.

Boston wore first responder hats during pregame warmups, while the Pens are wearing special patches on their jerseys today.


Via Bruins Instagram

Mobntreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

I’d be willing to bet that if Milan Lucic were hitting fewer players this season rather than more, that may be talked about a little more. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to test that hypothesis since there doesn’t exist a parallel universe.

If you’ve missed it, Milan Lucic hasn’t been scoring much this season and he may be sat out for tonight’s game. He has just six goals in 41 games played this season—on pace for just 12 over 82 games, obviously, compared to 20.6 goals per 82 games over the rest of the games in his career. Despite this… he’s hitting more. Lucic has 2.98 “hits per game” in 2013 compared to 2.48 in 2012 and 2.11 in 2011. I don’t place any stock in the NHL’s real-time statistics, and they’re almost only ever used to confirm a hypothesis and ignored otherwise.

But still, since I asked the question… why is Milan Lucic scoring fewer goals this season?

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Here is the Boston Bruins’ tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings presented without comment.

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St. Louis Blues v Edmonton Oilers

It’s Saturday!

You know what that means (I really hope you know what that means, or else this entire thread is a waste of time. Don’t make my life a waste of time).

It means that it’s time that we get a little too serious about a sport where grown men wearing boots with knives on them chase a piece of rubber around a sheet of frozen water for our amusement.

Tonight, we have an original six match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. And if you want to stay up a little later with me, the late game will feature the Edmonton Oilers taking on the St. Louis Blues.

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Ken Linseman: The rattiest of the rats.

Ken Linseman: The rattiest of the rats.


The NHL has a long storied history of dirtbags, and Down Goes Brown wrote a delightful post for Grantland outlining the dirtbaggiest dirtbags, and their many transgressions. What a rich treasure trove of bad behaviour and ugly injuries! Thus was born a series of Quiet Room posts exploring the worst of the injuries handed out by the worst of the dirtbags in their most inglourious moments.

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Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers

Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara is not known for scoring highlight reel goals, but you can put this one in that category for sure.

Chara took the puck at the blue line and made a spin move (can we call it a pirouette?) and goes Backhand Shelf on the “future” in Florida, Jacob Markstrom.

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