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Nichushkin scores a nice goal, taking the puck across the net (image: CBC)

Today’s final installment of “Bourne’s Notes” (at least until an NHL season starts) focused on Canada’s final game against Russia, in which the scoring chances were An Unreasonable Amount to All of Them. Congrats to Russia. As always, my post-game thoughts are in italics. Without further ado – because there’s a lot of them – here’s the muck that ran through my head while watching the game.

  • Boone Jenner’s first shift: doesn’t pull up on a 50/50 puck, wins it. Learned his lesson, perhaps?
  • Canada looks more composed than yesterday, already had a little zone possession time (give it time, Bourne)
  • Aw, poor Binnington. I mean that sincerely. I mean, what the truck happened there, it got trapped under his pad and he pulled it in? That doesn’t normally go in on *anyone*
  • Russian fans whistle to complain. I kinda like it. If you cat call a Russian girl in North America, maybe don’t move in for a follow-up
  • Jenner seems to prefer giving than taking hits (as we all do), but that’s not the sign of a true “tough guy”
  • Oh my that Russian goal. Nice, but “sticks in passing lanes” may come up on the Canadian bench. Good for Yak. Was that his first goal of the tournament? (2nd)
  • You forget how often guys hit guys from behind, and their opponent is just prepared to take the hit and it isn’t a big deal. Sometimes it’s why the ugly ones happened. “I thought he was braced for it.” (Rattie’s done it twice in the first alone)
  • Nice to see RNH not let Yakupov get too big for his britches when they get to Oil camp by answering
  • Everytime the commentators say “Makarov,” I think of Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life post-Clarence. Y’know the scene, he’s looking for his car… “Muh kar, Muh kar?” (…Sorry, ignore me.)
  • Oh man, I feel really bad for Binnington. You know his parents are watching somewhere just heartbroken for their boy. Shot was through MacKinnon’s legs, who’s also had terrible luck
  • Haha, Huberdeau’s dive. Fuck, I really, really hate that garbage, he’s a big boy. Oh nice, and Scheifele mirrored the dive on the same whistle break. Wouldn’t it be better, long term, if we’re the team others think can’t be put to the ice? Scheifele’s the younger brother constantly tattling to his mom about his brother.
  • Huberdeau scores on an (earned) PP – I should clarify, really like his game, just didn’t like the dive. And credit where credit is due, great shot by Ryan Murphy (though it was his first point of the tourney I think, and he’s on the Canadian PP)
  • Great start by Subban, wow. Way, way too many scoring chances in the first. Read the rest of this entry »

Earlier in the World Juniors I shared my notes on Team Canada during their game against Slovakia, and it was well-enough received that I thought we’d go for round two. As you know, Canada lost to the US 5-1 this morning, and frankly, they’re lucky the final score was that close. Needless to say, a lot went wrong – here’s how I saw things as the game progressed. Retroactive thoughts in italics.

First Period

  • Good pressure by the US in the early going, awkward start by Subban on JT Miller’s shot (welp, that turned out to be some foreshadowing)
  • My two favourite players from this tournament are Jonathan Drouin, and John Gaudreau from the US. That kid is nasty.
  • Canada kinda forcing plays early through the middle of the ice, not sharp (Don’t worry Bourne, it gets worse)
  • US Goal One: Boone Jenner completely bails on getting hit 200 feet from the Canadian net (“take the hit to make the play” is a thing for a reason), US breaks it out easy. Harrington catches an edge which creates chaos in coverage, and the mess leads to a completely screened shot that finds a way in. Not Subban’s fault.
  • First time in this tournament I’ve thought “Hey, that Seth Jones is really good”
  • Canadian forwards (Drouin in particular) cheating on breakouts means MORE turnovers
  • Uh oh Drouin looks really 17 today.
  • Canada just cannot complete a pass in the neutral zone, it’s gross
  • Note to self: write a column on panic play, falling behind, desperation and how it causes you to use teammates less, do more, and be less effective Read the rest of this entry »

When I watch hockey, I tend to jot down notes about things I’d like to mention in my writing throughout the day. Today the notes got a little voluminous, and I don’t want to trim out too many of the thoughts, so I thought I’d pass them along in their “slightly edited but still bullet point” form.

Here’s what crossed my mind while watching Canada fall behind Slovakia 2-0 and 3-1 before coming back to win 6-3.

Period 1

  • No flow early, choppy game, penalty parade kills flow for players used to getting big minutes
  • Canada’s just not an annoying team to play this year, so they better overwhelm with skill
  • Credit to Slovaks – they don’t look like they know they’re supposed to lose
  • Dougie Hamilton: he’s a question mark for me still. Not sure if I like his game as much as I’ve heard I’m supposed to.
  • The Lipon hit was pretty brutal. Obvious and stupid (check his height and Mikus’). (Mikus is 6’0, as is J.C. Lipon. So, yeah: just dumb then.)

Period 2

  • Scheifele sent to the ice a half dozen times already. Some I don’t blame him, but I gotta believe he’s stronger on his skates than this. Read the rest of this entry »