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Tampa Bay Lightning v Winnipeg Jets

The answer: more or less most of the league, depending on cost.

Vincent Lecavalier was slated to cost a cap hit of over $7.7 million a season until 2020 (and earn 10 million real dollars a year until 2016)…

But will instead have to settle for 2/3rds of the money over twice the term. Which means he gets like, over 30 million over the next 14 years, and can still sign another lucrative contract with another NHL team, which he probably will because he’s 33 years old and coming off a season where he tallied 32 points in 39 games, and can bring a whole lot more than purely points. So… Read the rest of this entry »

Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens - Game Five

Nick Kypreos shared the news on Twitter earlier today, and he’s usually pretty reliable:

So there you have it.

Subban tied Kris Letang for the league lead in points by a d-man with 38 in 42 games. He’s not the first guy you’d be pick from a pool of every defenseman in the NHL, but there’s no denying he had one heck of a season. You can check out how I voted for this award here.

Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks

Elliotte Friedman was first out with the news today (or so I think, not that it really matters), but it sounds like it’s official: visors will be grandfathered into the NHL.

What “grandfathered” means in this case is that if you don’t wear one now and you’re already an NHL player, you’ll never be forced to put on one. But all rookies coming into the league from now on will, which really isn’t a big deal. Wherever they’re coming from already made them wear one (or a cage), so they’ll survive. And their eyes will too! Read the rest of this entry »

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

And boom goes the dynamite.

And finally it’s come to this. The Edmonton Oilers have seen enough, and given Steve Tambellini his walking papers. I’m not confused about the move – I mean, the team simply has failed in every conceivable direction despite stockpiling young talent via failure – but I am confused about the timing. The season ends in like 13 days. This couldn’t have waited and been tidied up down the road?

Maybe the Oil were waiting until they were clearly not going to make playoffs to avoid being a distraction. I dunno. Whatever the case, Tambellini’s out, and the new guy (sound like Mac T) is walking into a pretty sweet deal. This team looks like it’s just about ready to turn the corner. As a wise man once said…

“Sometimes you do the hard work and set the table and somebody else eats the meal.” – Brian Burke

Looks like a pretty decent spread over there in Edmonton. Read the rest of this entry »

ek back

Hey, remember when Matt Cooke stepped on the back of Erik Karlsson’s leg and his skate blade sliced Karlsson’s achilles? The defending Norris Trophy-winning defenseman was ruled out for the season because a skate cut his freaking achilles. Pretty cut-and-dried situation, unless you’re Eugene Melnyk, and you believe the cut happened intentionally so you’re hiring a forensic doctor to prove it.

Welp…the dude is back skating.

And here you have it: Read the rest of this entry »

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings

Jaromir Jagr has been traded to the Boston Bruins, because the Dallas Stars are in sell mode, and the B’s needed a little help up front.

So there you have it.

The Bruins are more or less league average in goals-per-game, which doesn’t exactly cut it when your goal is a Stanley Cup. Though they’ve done it before, they’re one of the few teams with a legit shot at the big prize who don’t have a Crosby/Malkin, Datsyuk/Zetterberg, Kane/Toews, etc. type of threat on their top line. I think Seguin can come close, but Lucic hasn’t been scoring at the rate they need, and Jagr will simply give them another option.

At the very least, it’s an answer to the Penguins’ Iginla move. STOP THE PENS, JAROMIR! (Don’t actually, they’re really fun to watch.)

More reaction when we find out just what the Bruins had to part with to get this done. Read the rest of this entry »

iggy gone

Okay, let’s dive in.

Yup, that’s a thing that happened. Read the rest of this entry »