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Three-time Stanley Cup champion Mathieu Dandenault fired out the above tweet this afternoon, expressly claiming that the NHLPA is offering the NHL four different proposals to choose from, each one with a revenue split of 50/50.

If true, that’s a pretty sharp PR turn from the union. Basically, now they have the upper hand with the “Hey, if they can’t choose at least one of our offers, this is on them, not us” angle.

I have to believe that, much like the way the owners used the initial lowball offer so they could get the players thinking “wow, compared to the initial offer, this looks pretty good,” that at least one or two of the offers is considerably better than the others.

That way, you set up the whole “Heyyy, this looks pretty good” moment for the owners. We’ll find out soon enough. They’re meeting as I write this.


From David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period: Of the 4 proposals being presented to the NHL by the NHLPA, all include a gradual step towards 50/50 split. Year 1 starts around 54/46.

From McKenzie:

 * Confirmed by Pierre Lebrun as well – three offers.

Not bad, amirite?

I know that’s a bit of a tease of a headline, but I can’t help but feel the warm and fuzzies over progress between the NHL and NHLPA. They can bat around all the little issues like “but who pays for the extra trainer on the road?”, but until a new proposal came from either side, we weren’t getting anywhere. Let’s hope we are now.

Here’s my understanding of the core pieces of the new NHL offer:

* They offered a 50/50 split of Hockey Related Revenues.

50/50 is where the NBA recently ended up, and where everybody assumed the new NHL deal would. The owners are the first to throw that out there, which as I may have mentioned, gives me hope. Even if the players counter with an extra percentage point in their favour, I don’t think it’s impossible that the owners would agree.

The NHL’s previous offer suggested the players take 49% in year one of a new deal, 48% in the second, and 47% in the next three. So again: progress. Read the rest of this entry »

It appears as though we have a fresh free-agent signing: Alexander Semin has accepted a one-year deal (not what he was after) with….the Carolina Hurricanes.

Look at them go, what with their fancy new Jordan Staal and pretty new Alexander Semin. Their fans must be pumped, and frankly, I can’t wait to catch a ‘Canes game now.

Here’s the first report I saw (trying to figure out who got out the official “first” on Twitter is painful):

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The Nashville Predators locked up their captain for a long time today as they have matched the 14 year, $110 million offer sheet put in by the Philadelphia Flyers.

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"Traded? You mean it? For serious?"

Okay, wow. Deep breaths, all.

First off, I just want to say how glad I am that this is finally over. Not that it wasn’t fun for a while but at least now we can all move on with our lives (somewhere Alexander Semin is nodding gleefully).

Second of all, any way you look at this, the New York Rangers are now terrifying. They are the Walter White of the NHL. Glen Sather is the one who knocks. I don’t know what that makes Scott Howson. Maybe Gale. Point is, the Rangers now have a very, very good hockey team (and they weren’t half bad before). The Rangers can now field a line of Nash-Stepan-Gaborik. Or, if they really want to rub it in, Nash-Richards-Gaborik. Look unto thee and be terrified. This team is going to score a lot of goals, and a lot of them are going to be very, very nice. Read the rest of this entry »

It was one a.m. Thursday morning on the east coast when Darren Dreger dropped this bomb on Twitter, and the rest of the National Hockey League:

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