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via OHL Images

via OHL Images

Three Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds were selected to the National Hockey League on June 30. Darnell Nurse went 7th overall to the Edmonton Oilers. Tyler Ganly went to the Carolina Hurricanes in the sixth round, and with the penultimate pick of the draft, the Boston Bruins took Mitch Dempsey at No. 210.

A fourth Greyhound, Sergey Tolchinsky, went undrafted. Listed at 5’9″ and 160 lbs, the young Russian’s weaknesses lay in some of hockey’s most up-for-debate attributes: size, physical play, and grit. He had been ranked 67th on TSN analyst Craig Button’s rankings, and 56th on Hockey Prospectus’ Corey Pronman’s list.

Depending on who you asked, he’d been projected as going anywhere between the second and fifth rounds. All it takes is one team to take a risk on a talented young player like Tolchinsky. In his rookie season in the Ontario Hockey League, Tolchinsky scored 26 goals and was the third-leading point-getter among rookies behind Sarnia’s Nikolay Goldobin and Erie Otter phenom Connor McDavid.

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Since their first season (and prior to it, actually, when they were Hartford), the Carolina Hurricanes have been among the group of teams that’ve made me want to flip channels. In fact, I literally made a list just last season that ranked them as the #1 team I skip when checking which games are on.

And I quoteth myself:

Save for their Stanley  Cup year (which was out of left field), it feels like they’re constantly a non-contending non-playoff team. They’re the wrestler whose job it is to make the star look good (after a quick Google search, that makes them “Jabronis,” apparently). I associate the team with names like Tim Brent, Patrick Dwyer, Jay Harrison and others that make you go… “Y’know, I think I’ll go watch an Oilers game or something.”

I think those wrestlers are also called “jobbers,” Bourne. But anyway.

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Last night Carolina Hurricanes’ GM Jim Rutherford posted an odd tweet:

“It looks like?” What an odd thing to say – either A) you ARE able to get him locked up for “a number of years,” or B) keep your mouth shut until it’s certain, right? But ANYWAY…

It’s a done deal. According to Bob McKenzie of the Canadian Cottage and Hammock company (wait, actually it’s TSN, he’s just on vacay), the deal is for six years and 34.35 million dollars, a cap hit of 5.725 million bucks a season. Read the rest of this entry »