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Hockey-starved fans in Toronto, rejoice – there’s going to be a charity hockey game played between a good number of NHL studs at Ye Olde Maple Leaf Gardens, and you can go watch!

Cynical Bourne wants to write dickish things about the presumed effort level of the game, but Optimist Bourne feels the need to note that it’s still impressive to watch the best in the world at what they do when they aren’t going balls-to-the-wall. The best part about charity games – aside from the money going to charities, obviously – is that the defense is usually pretty lax (not existant), so you get to see plenty of fancy, skilled plays. It’s a goalie’s worst nightmare – poor D and talented forwards who want to try ridiculous things that have the potential to embarrass them. Fun!

The money raised will go towards the NHLPA’s Goals and Dreams Fund, which you can learn more about here.

Your teams (images courtesy Pro Hockey Talk, cause what, I’m going to create my own graphs?): Read the rest of this entry »

It takes a special kind of person to watch the NHL season go up in flames, then a city forced under water, and try to put a positive spin on things. Frankly, the more of those people who exist the better.  Friend of the blog Will Martinez, AKA @HeyMyNameIsWill, has been watching the two disasters (not to remotely equate the significance of the two) and cooking up an idea. A really cool idea, actually, and one that we here at Backhand Shelf would love to be a part of.

Below is his proposal that he sent in email form to the NHLPA. Check it out, and let’s see if we can’t get the ball rolling on something like this. It would certainly take the involvement of organizations a lot bigger than just ours.


I write to you not to express anger and resentment over the current lockout but rather to try and turn several negatives into a positive. The lockout and upcoming cancellation of the Winter Classic are certainly unfortunate but not as unfortunate as the effects Hurricane Sandy recently had on the New York City/New Jersey area in particular. The following is an idea to hopefully make a positive out of each of those situations: Read the rest of this entry »

Michael Bublé is a pretty swell guy. And actually, I think he’d like being described that way – it fits the nomenclature of a guy who frequently gets referred to as a “crooner.” I bet he’d think that description is just peachy-keen, you betcha. Let’s all go to the malt shop!

Another thing Michael Bublé is, is an established hockey fan. He’s made plenty of appearances at NHL events, has been outed as a Canucks fan, and once even joined the team for a practice.

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