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There have been many great beards in sports history. These days, a few players are rather notorious for sporting them.

There’s Giant’s pitcher Brian Wilson:

There’s Oklahoma City guard James Harden: Read the rest of this entry »

This past week theScore’s own Jackie Redmond headed out to David Bolland’s golf tournament, which raises money for both the David Bolland Foundation, and the Remix Project.

Jackie interviewed a number of players – Bolland, Scotty Upshall, Ben Eager, Brad Richards, and a host of others – to get the scoop on what the event was all about, and also for another important reason: to boost her Twitter following.

Jackie sits at around 2,100 followers, a number far too small for a regular guest on the Backhand Shelf Podcast (ha), so her solution was to challenge the players to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – if she wins they have to give her some Twitter love, and hopefully help grow her following. Read the rest of this entry »