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Colorado Avalanche v Buffalo Sabres

Ryan O’Reilly, engaged in a scrupulously appropriate display of goal-celebration.

It is a curse to be born to overzealous parents.  While other kids are eating dirt and dismembering worms in the backyard, their child is sitting indoors doing long division, coated in hand sanitizer.  While most teenagers are drinking shitty beer and making out in basements, their precious muffin is drinking coffee through SAT prep.  I imagine having such parents is one long list of embarrassments and aggravations, full of extra meetings with teachers and nasty notes to coaches and being pulled aside to stand awkwardly in front of everyone while Mommy rambles on about what a special special flower you are.

Given the email his dad sent to the Denver Post, I assume Ryan O’Reilly never got to eat dirt.

This is the Don Cherry of emails, which is to say that it makes the most ordinary possible points in the craziest possible way.  Despite a disclaimer by Dater that the letter had been “lightly touched up for a couple minor spelling and punctuation things”, it’s not only riddled with such errors (“bases” instead of “basis”, “miss treat” instead of “mistreat”), but features Random Capitalization throughout, and unless you are writing about eighteenth century German philosophy or thirteenth century Catholic theology, you cannot capitalize common nouns without sounding crazy.  When you go, as Brian O’Reilly did, all the way to capitalizing conjunctions, you have lost any hope of being taken seriously. Read the rest of this entry »

Last Tuesday, on the eve of his sophomore season in the NHL and at the ripe old age of 19, the Colorado Avalanche named Gabriel Landeskog their captain.

To say that Landeskog is the youngest captain in NHL history sounds like a huge deal, but he is only the most dramatic example of a trend. The four youngest (permanent) captains in NHL history have all been appointed in the 21st century, three of them in the age of this CBA. Across the League, teenage captains are still a comparative rarity, but appointing a captain at 22 or 23 is quite common. Mike Richards, Rick Nash, and Dustin Brown were all crowned at that age. Raise the limit another two years, and you can throw in Phaneuf and Ovechkn, Weber and Getzlaf, the Staal called Eric. If there was ever a time when captaincy was supposed to reflect wisdom, experience, and a deep knowledge of the League honed over thousands of games, that time is over and done. Leadership isn’t something that’s earned anymore. It’s either assumed, as an intrinsic character trait, or conferred, as a time-inverted reward for future performance.

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The news is surprising and unsurprising all in the same breath: today the Colorado Avalanche announced that Gabriel Landeskog – the guy who was drafted 14 months ago, the guy who was born in 1992, the guy who can’t drink in Denver for another 14 months – will be given the “C” as captain of the Colorado Avalanche.

Landeskog getting the “C” this early is only surprising given that teams tend to be blinded by the whole age thing, and refuse to think outside the box. Beyond that, Landeskog is the perfect selection: he’s hard-working, talented, a guy they intend to be the face of the franchise for many years to come, and yes, it has to be said – he does things the “right way.”

People often misinterpret what a captain means to a professional hockey team. I think they picture the guy with the “C” giving some speech at intermission, or calling out a player who’s not giving it their all. It’s the Mark Messier fallacy – we’ve built the perception of the position into something it really isn’t. Read the rest of this entry »