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Back in September I took a look at the notion of an amnesty clause in the NHL. The NBA adopted one with a fair amount of success and now — aren’t I clever? — it appears that the NHL will in fact have two (TWO!) under the framework of this new CBA.

The details are somewhat vague at this point, but it appears that each team will be granted two amnesty clauses. One in 2013 and one for 2013-14. You get a delete button two years in a row, free to use.
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After the NBA lockout of 2011, a majestic clause was put into place. The clause allows each team to exterminate the burden of one albatross contract, thereby freeing the team from the immense weight of an ill-advised decision.

An amnesty clause is essentially Pepto Bismol for regret.

Given the abominable contracts handed out in recent seasons, the amnesty clause appears to be a reasonable implementation as we look to resolve this labour dispute in the NHL. A new set of rules will throw each team into the water and some will require the sweet mercy of the waiver wire to be their life preserver.

The question now becomes: which players will be the amnesty targets, should we emerge from the lockout with said amnesty clause?

Shall we look at each team and nominate someone? I think we shall. Come along, friends.
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