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Howdy friends! EA Sports has been kind enough to pass along a number of autographed NHL ’13 game covers for us to give out to our readers, so we’re going to make it nice and easy for everyone: all you have to do is “Like” Backhand Shelf on Facebook and share the image about the contest and you’re entered to win a game cover autographed by one of the players listed on the above image. They’re pretty sharp looking, and actually hand-signed by the corresponding star. We’ll notify the winners by the end of the week!

What curse?

It’s that time of year again, folks!

As the season winds down and we gear up for playoffs, we can all expect to be slowly and regularly tantalized by the good men and women of EA Sports as they begin to roll out the latest installment of their “NHL” franchise. This year was very exciting for me given my love of running over goaltenders in video games regardless of penalty and I’m really hoping they find a way to inject something new that I thoroughly enjoy.

This year, EA has decided to embrace democracy and let fans vote on who they’d like to represent their beloved gaming franchise. The options are seemingly endless as there are some pretty interesting names on this list.

Feel free to pull up the ballot here at and cast your vote.

I’m really hoping that the trolls come out and we can have Matt Stajan and Tyler Bozak fighting it out to be on the cover this year.

If you could have one player on the cover, regardless of whether or not it they would ever be an option, who would it be?

Comment, TweetFacebook your dream cover boys.

In the Avalanche’s second outing of the year, goaltending Semyon Varlamov made 30 saves to shut-out the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

I’ve been in the camp of people who didn’t expect Semyon Varlamov to end up being remotely worth what the Avalanche gave away to get him during the off-season. I thought the Avs were signing themselves up for a second consecutive season of cellar-dwelling hockey.

But after today’s game, a thought hit me: what if he actually develops into a premiere NHL goaltender? The Avs have enough offensive talent on that roster that their team could actually be decent.

Then I checked another score.

Back from last year’s tumultuous bout with invisibility.

The New Jersey Devils got a win today courtesy a pair of goals from their star Zach Parise (who was absent all of last year) and one from another big name in Ilya Kovalchuk (who was absent all of last year).

If Brodeur can have one more quality season, Zajac comes back and helps, Tedenby develops…a thought hit me: maybe that team could actually be decent.

A sample size of two games teaches us next to nothing, but honestly, there have been times since October 6th where I’ve thought “hey, the Wild could be good this year,” and “hey, the Leafs could be good this year,” and “hey, the Isles could be good this year.”

There’s nary an NHL team I’d write off after a couple games of the season.

I don’t remember seeing parity like this in any league ever before. Has the NHL ever been close to this competitive from top to bottom before? It certainly wasn’t when I grew up.

So, a contest: Read the rest of this entry »