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There’s a certain type of hockey player that climbs up through the ranks because, to put it bluntly, they’re a pain in the ass to play. They play an up-tempo style, they’re fearless, they’ll hit everything that moves, and they’ll chirp you in the process. They are Zac Rinaldo.

The thing with this type of game is that you can play it in a clean way. You don’t have to be a constant injury threat who doesn’t respect your opponents. Unfortunately, Rinaldo has yet to learn how to play that game, or he just has no interest in trying.

Two years ago he was suspended two games for a jumping shoulder to the brain of Jonathan Ericsson of the Red Wings just eight days after being fined twice for two separate incidents (a late hit and a slewfoot) in the same game. Here’s a refresher on the suspension:

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety won’t likely be pleased to see his name on the docket again today.

His hit to head of Chad Ruhwedel earned him a match penalty, and was injurious:

So, Rinaldo’s getting suspended. Let’s break down the play and give ‘er the old “Court of Public Opinion” assessment. How many games for this?

The facts:

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Last night Raffi Torres threw a dicey hit on an opposing player (as balloons, confetti and streamers fall from the ceiling rewarding me for typing that for the 100th time), and we’re going to take a look at it. So far, the NHL hasn’t followed up on it, so it seems like there won’t be any supplemental discipline.

(Update: Yeah there will be.

Part of me wonders if they won’t just tell him to f*** off and not come back, but that probably wouldn’t be very professional.)

The facts:

Raffi Torres comes from below the goal line and up to take care of his role defensively. As he skates up in the Kings’ zone, he sees that Jarret Stoll is going to get possession of the hockey puck. Being a physical player, he decides to throw a hit. Stoll has bent down to play the puck with his glove. Torres hits him with his shoulder, impacting Stoll on the side of his head and shoulder simultaneously.

My opinion:

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af elbow

Later this afternoon, Andrew Ference has a phone hearing with the NHL to discuss what happened last night. What happened, by the way, was him hitting Mikhail Grabovski’s head with his elbow. Let’s check out the video, then discuss what we think it’s worth (in ternms of supplemental discipline), if anything.

The facts:

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Minnesota Wild v Calgary Flames


That’s from a Los Angeles Times writer. More on this when the League’s Shanaban video posts.


I’m allowed to use “Gordie Howe” as a verb, yes? Yes. Okay.

Dustin Brown has a hearing with the NHL today over his reverse hit on Jason Pominville (affectionately referred to by Ms. Conduct as “Pomerdoodle”), and so he probably should. Let’s take a look and break it down. Read the rest of this entry »

Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators

It’s time to play everybody’s favourite NHL game show, Guess the Shanaban!

Last night Chris Neil made Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Simon Despres go boom, and got a two minute minor penalty for it. Let’s have a look, break it down, then discuss. Read the rest of this entry »

And here's a picture of a man hitting another's face with his shoulders.

And here’s a picture of a man hitting another’s face with his shoulder.

Yesterday the Montreal Canadiens got their bums handed to them in every conceivable way possible. They got shelled on the scoreboard, the got out-shot, they got out-hit (apparently they were credited with two hits through two periods)…they just got wiped (which is nice when you get your bum handed to you), and were likely frustrated from the get-go.

And with frustration comes sketchy behavior. Let’s break the two hits down.

First, Ryan White on Kent Huskins.

The facts:

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Update: Anton Volchenkov got four.


Yesterday I tweeted this:

So here we are today.

Anton Volchenkov has a phone hearing today after his elbow to Brad Marchand, so hey, let’s talk about it.

The facts:

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