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Spleen? Nah. Overrated.

Peter Forsberg finished his NHL career with the Calder, Hart and Ross trophies, two Stanley Cups, three all-star nods (four if you count the rookie team), two well-used feet, and no spleen. While it’s difficult to maintain an NHL career with feet that won’t bear your weight, you can do fine without a spleen, as Forsberg found out halfway through the 2001 playoffs.

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Just when you thought draft photos couldn't get any worse, this happened.


Rangers’ development camp didn’t go as planned for prospect Dylan McIlrath, as he suffered an injury that’s on the OH CRAP end of the hurt spectrum. It’s one of those things that results in horrified facial expressions and a cold sweat in people who’ve experienced it. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s an unforgettable and truly disgusting experience. What Dylan McIlrath did was dislocate his kneecap.

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My wife hurt her back a couple years ago while we were moving from our old basement suite to our current basement suite [1]. It was bad enough that she had to take some pretty heavy painkillers, the kind with a muscle relaxant involved. That medication, combined with being completely exhausted from a stressful move, made her pretty loopy that night. She decided that it was time for a challenge.

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Anton Volchenkov plots his revenge


When Anton Volchenkov’s face met the business end of Mike Richards’ stick in game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, everyone recoiled in horror anticipating the damage that had surely been done. Everyone except fans of the Ottawa Senators. Ottawa had come to know and love Volchenkov in his ten years with the organization for huge hits and blocking shots (generally with his face). Imagine the horror that swept the Ottawa Valley when it became apparent that Volchenkov was not only hurt, he was actually bleeding – something previously assumed to be impossible.

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Coach’s Corner was particularly poignant in its absurdity on Saturday night. While I understand that I’m totally playing into the hype machine by posting it here  — if you think this isn’t a strategy on their part, you’re insane, it’s all a publicity stunt — but this had to be shared.

Highlights include…
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We’ve seen our fair share of local news gaffes over the course of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. It has been painful to monitor. The Los Angeles Kings have been misidentified as the Sacramento Kings more times than I can count which is truly stunning because of the whole “different sport” issue. Someone named Brad Doty is on track to be nominated for the Conn Smythe by at least one sportscaster. We could go on. I’ll spare you.
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A metal impostor

The beauty of the internet is that we can jump on human beings for being human beings. Part of being a human being is making mistakes. How people ripped each other for being fallible prior to the internet is beyond me.
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