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Could win another Cup in Vancouver

Sami Pahlsson is now a member of the Vancouver Canucks for the price of two fourth round picks heading back to the Columbus Blue Jackets. This is, in my estimation, a great pick up for the Canucks as Pahlsson adds a ton to your forward corps and its ability to play a two way game.

We’re obviously all aware of the role Manny Malhotra has in the Vancouver lineup and he just had some of the burden lifted off of him in terms of playing big defensive minutes and shutting down top lines. When you look at the fact Vancouver can now roll three lines with defensive centers like Ryan Kesler, Sami Pahlsson and Manny Malhotra, the Canucks become a very tough matchup for any team in the NHL.

With versatility at the center position throughout their lineup with the likes of those three plus Hodgson, Lapierre, etc. and the agitating presence they have on the win with Weise, Hansen, and Bitz, the Canucks have made themselves a very tough team to play against heading down the stretch.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Off to the Sun

Brian Lee has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Matt Gilroy. With the deal the Senators offload arguably the biggest bust in the franchise’s recent history while the Tampa Bay Lightning add yet another bottom pair defenceman. For Ottawa, Gilroy is a nice player to add given his offensive skillset and his impending UFA status.

Lee is a low risk, high reward type of player for Tampa Bay given that his development in Ottawa didn’t go very well. However, like Aulie, in a defensive system like the one Boucher runs and with a young nucleus of guys on the blueline there is potential for them to come together as a solid unit. With that in mind, in the case of Lee, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve seen him play some pretty bad games in Ottawa.

Gilroy is a bit of an interesting add for the Sens given how offence heavy their defensive corps is. When you consider that their top three defensemen are Erik Karlsson, Filip Kuba and Sergei Gonchar, the Sens are pretty offense heavy. I’d be a bit worried about their play in their own end come playoff time, should they make it, but at the same time he can’t be any worse than Brian Lee has been there.

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He will no longer be wearing this jersey

Daniel Winnik and T.J. Galiardi have been traded to the San Jose Sharks from the Colorado Avalanche in an effort to end the Sharks’ slide out of the playoffs which is currently in full effect. In exchange, the Sharks sent Jamie McGinn, Mike Connolly and prospect Michael Sgarbossa currently with the Sudbury Wolves.

Winnik and Galiardi are the type of guys the Sharks are going to be counting on to do the dirty work for them in hopes that you tighten the screws and make a run. This team only has so many runs left in it and they need to start making them count. San Jose has some pretty good depth and they are in a good spot going forward right now, in my opinion. Cam Charron agrees…

Colorado didn’t get shortchanged, it should be noted, as they picked up a couple decent pieces in Jamie McGinn who is a good hardworking winner for your bottom six up front. In Connolly and Sgarbossa they get a couple prospects who are very feisty with offensive upside. We’re getting a sense of the type of team Colorado is trying to build and we’ll see how things work out from here on out.

Who’s your trade winner?

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He's a big dude

Keith Aulie has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Carter Ashton. This is a bit of an interesting trade from both sides as the Lightning seem to be stockpiling defensemen today while the Leafs pick up a solid young right wing prospect in Ashton.

Aulie is obviously a big, hulking defenseman with the capability to develop into a quality shutdown guy for the Lightning. In fact, I’d be really interested to see how Aulie fairs in the Guy Boucher system playing next to a guy like Victor Hedman or Eric Brewer which could form a solid pair.

In Ashton the Leafs are getting a gritty, high end prospect from Tampa Bay who will bring some goal scoring to the Leafs system. Basically he is a prototypical “Burke” type of player at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds with skill and plenty of speed.

All in all this is a positive trade for both squads, though I’ll give a slight edge to the Leafs on this one on getting a prospect of Ashton’s calibre after the season Aulie has had thus far and the fact that the Leafs have been looking for a way to fit Korbinian Holzer into the lineup for some time now.

Who’s your trade winner?

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There are the numbers

Here at theScore we’ve been keeping track of the social media chatter regarding certain trade targets. What we’ve done is identify several key targets across the league, as well as players who have been traded, and tracked how many people are talking about them.

In the above graph, check out the spike in Andrei Kostitsyn once his trade was announced. It’s crazy how things can blow up when the Andrei Kostitsyns of the world get traded. Now we wait and see what the numbers will be like if a big name swaps places.

You’ll note some interesting details about these players:

All the chatter started to trend upwards at 10:00AM, before then it had been relatively dormant. The social media buzz didn’t pick up until six hours out from the deadline.

What’s more, of all of those players Kostitsyn was the only one to be traded. He hadn’t been discussed at all relative to the other players in this graph leading up to his trade, yet once he was swapped he’s had at least double the reach than any other top player. Since game time yesterday at 8PM until noon today, there have been over 6,000 total tweets mentioning his name.

Nash’s chatter has been gradually trending upwards since 8 AM, and has been increasing steadily as we progress towards the deadline. As the big name out there people are becoming more and more active online to find out whether or not he’ll be moved.

Even Luke Schenn, who hasn’t been mentioned in any specific trade rumors has been mentioned over 1,000 times and reached over 250,000 twitter users by virtue of playing for the Leafs. It’s crazy what a fanbase can do for increasing a player’s number of mentions. Compare that to the likes of Ott or Brown who have been mentioned in specific rumors for days and, while they have reached a greater number of users, they haven’t been mentioned nearly as many times.

For those wondering how we gathered this data:

To get the data for these infographics we used Sysomos ( a leading social media monitoring tool.

Off to Minnesota

Tom Gilbert is off to Minnesota in exchange for fellow defenceman Nick Schultz. That’s right folks, we have our first trade involving actual players!!! What’s actually kind of shocking is how much these guys make. It’s a little silly.

Before we get into all of that, it should be noted that Tom Gilbert is a Minnesota native so this should be a nice homecoming for him. Minnesota fans really rally around the local guys so I expect that this will be a positive pickup for them. Schultz is your the definition of steady D-man. Good, not great but is ultimately capable of getting the job done. Read the rest of this entry »

Off to Florida in spite of earlier Tampa reports

Mike Commodore is heading to the Tampa Bay Lightning for probably the worst thing you could ever be traded for. Commodore was traded for a CONDITIONAL seventh round pick. That’s literally about as bad as it gets. Seriously, that’s it?

That trade is the equivalent to a waiver claim on Commodore by the Lightning who said earlier today that they weren’t going to be active. What it means for Detroit is twofold: Read the rest of this entry »