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During intermission of last night’s Bruins/Leafs game, Don Cherry was up to his usual routine with Ron MacLean. His focus – nay obsession – was on the Leafs lack of coverage of the points (which is interesting, given how many coaches would much prefer to have the puck up there than around the net, but anyway). His analysis of the play was particularly hilarious in that he didn’t so much analyze as he did watch the video and bellow “POINT!” every time the D touched the puck.

And thus, courtesy Scott Johnson, the Don Cherry POINT soundboard was born. We hope you enjoy.

don cherry raccoon

I assume that if you’re the type who reads hockey blogs, you’ve also given Twitter a go. If you haven’t, get your s**t together and do it.

Don Cherry has, and while he’s still a sharp as he ever was, he’s definitely launched himself head-first into full old-guy-on-porch-in-a-rocking-chair-with-a-shotgun mode. Here’s what Don’s tweeting about today. Read the rest of this entry »