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I understand that it can be tough to draw a crowd to a hockey game when you’re based in Florida. Most fans didn’t grow up with the game, it’s March and the weather is beautiful…there’s just a host of reasons why it’s difficult. Because of that, the marketing team faces some unique challenges, and have to get a little creative.

What I didn’t see coming, is the Lightning turning to oft-used informercial host Anthony Sullivan in their latest promo. ACT NOW AND I’LL THROW IN ANOTHER TICKET FREE!!!

The irony of hockey players trying to act and having to use the line “don’t quit your day job” is too perfect.

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Look, I’m in agreement with you: “_____ing,” in regards to some damn pose an NFL quarterback made or makes frequently is a terrible, awful trend. First there was Tebowing, then there was Griffining, and now there’s “Kaepernicking,” which is to kiss your right bicep after scoring a touchdown, (and yes, Colin Kaepernick DID get the term trademarked, don’t worry). Us average folk apparently like to mimic these motions when we do well at average stuff, like successfully blending a smoothie, or whatever.

All that said, I do sort of appreciate Logan Couture throwing a little love the way of his fellow athletes in California by Kaepernicking after scoring against the Oilers last night. And hey, when you’re undefeated after seven games, you’re allowed to have a little fun.

Courtesy @brodiebrazilCSN (via @Score_Tomlinson), here you have it:

Okay, one and done, cool. Let’s just not make a habit of this.

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Sometimes life as a hockey player can be frustrating (well, life in general can, but stay with me here). Whether it’s your team losing, you personally struggling, or your coach not giving you the opportunity to succeed, you occasionally find yourself a little bit pissy after the final buzzer. Washington Capitals’ centre Mathieu Perreault is currently feeling a bit of option C there, given his scant usage since Adam Oates took over as head coach.

The Caps have struggled so far, and Oates hasn’t gone soft on those who he feels are responsible, including giving top-6 forward Marcus Johanssan a mere 50 seconds of ice in the third last night.

Russian Machine Never Breaks had the story on Perreault’s frustration last night. Here’s what Perreault had to say:

“Whomever the coach is, every year it is the same story, and the GM doesn’t seem willing to change anything,” Perreault told Godin as translated by friend-of-the-blog Lindsey Novak. “Trade me if I am not part of your plans.”

“It’s hard on my morale,” Perreault continued. “I try to stay positive, but I do not want to endure it for two more years.Read the rest of this entry »