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From Jai Girardi photography via Puck Daddy

“Let me ask you this,” says Billy. “If Jeremy Brown looked as good in a uniform as Majewski [a Greek Kouros who played outfield for the University of Texas], where on this board would you put him?”

The scouts pretend to consider this. Nobody says anything so Pitter says it for them: “He’d be in that first column.” A first-round pick.

“You guys really are trying to sell jeans, aren’t you, says Billy.

One of the more entertaining things about this summer is the prevalence of candid photographs of Dustin Byfuglien. Like Patrick Kane two summers ago, who was caught in various places around Chicago celebrating his Stanley Cup, Byfuglien has been photographed in various places around North America displaying his not-exactly-hockey-body.

The passage above is, of course, from Michael Lewis’ Moneyball. One of the more entertaining sections of the book is when Billy Beane and Paul DePodesta rise to the defence of overweight amateur baseball players in an attempt to find undervalued players. For them, it was looks.

In reality, we need not worry about Dustin Byfuglien’s weight. We’ve seen the pictures. Above is the much-circulated picture from yesterday of Byfuglien at teammate David Bolland’s wedding. The next two photographs, display Byfuglien entering a Minneapolis courtroom last month, and another of him fishing in the Fraser River for sturgeon with Andrew Ladd:

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