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Not on Team Coco.

It’s hard being a true hockey fan in a sunny place. There is an inherent skepticism that comes with liking a cold weather sport in a town that is very, very warm. I blame my fellow jaded Canadians for failing to see the hypocrisy in complaining that there are no fans in sunny places and then questioning the legitimacy of said fans when they come out. Seriously folks? Come now.
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Adjusted form, one would assume.

Claude Giroux spent this NHL season threatening the NHL’s scoring lead, and improving his beerability index just about every time he opened his mouth. Well, the above picture doesn’t do anything to hurt that ranking either.

Giroux just had surgery on both his wrists (one needed a bone chip removed, the other had some torn cartilage), and the season just ended, so now’s the time to get the partying out of his system. Y’know, like that other young buck that likes to have a good time, Patrick Kane.

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His Excellency, the Ambassador of Leafs Nation

Obligatory disclaimers: The following contains expressions of sarcasm, hyperbole, and moderate levels of partisan trash-talk. If you are one of those extremely literal people who is likely to misunderstand or be offended by any of those things, I advise you to just skip on down the page to Cam Charron’s lovely discussion of the Panthers’ incompetence (or, as I like to think of it, “the one subject we should all be able to agree on”). Also, to fans of the 28 other franchises in the NHL, who might be feeling the need to leave comments to the effect of, “Hey, there’s other teams in the League too, ya know.”: yes, I know. That must be so nice for you. Now shhhhh, Mommy and Daddy need to talk.

Dear Leafists,

I can remember the exact moment I started to hate you. It was April 7th, much like it will be tomorrow, but in 2007, and you (the Maple Leafs) eliminated us (the Canadiens) from the playoffs in the very last game of the regular season.

Back then, we thought Mike Komisarek was awesome, you thought Tomas Kaberle was awesome, and neither of us thought anything much whatsoever about Mikhail Grabovski. We both had stolid Scandanavian captains who we adored/tortured at irregular intervals. Brian Burke was still dropping his untied ties like shedded reptile skins across the parched desert of southern California, the Blackhawks were still terrible, and Ottawa was the fashionable team for everyone in Canada to hate on. It was a different time, but then as now and probably forever, we played each other in the first and last games of the regular season.

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Alright folks, the first two have gone over pretty well and I wanted to do one tonight. Unfortunately no classic photos were taken like the one of Mr. Downie or Mr. Nash, but I think we can make this work.

Between the fact it’s Patrick Kane, the sign proclaiming love for Patrick Kane and a New Jersey Devils blood drive ad, there has to be some gold in here.

I leave it to you, Backhand Shelf nation. Give us your best synopsis of what’s going on here. Great answers can be, but are not limited to: simple quotes, memes, mini-screenplays, sitcom ideas, novellas, etc.

I don’t even know where to start with this video, so I’m just going to dive into the highlights, and you can enjoy it for yourself.

Highlight #1 – The Bruins Bear, whom I love, is vacuuming, and seems to have more paunch than last year. Also, the set rules.

Highlight #2 – Appearances from Renee Rancourt and Jack Edwards.

Highlight #3 – The Seguin card-stack-to-smile was vintage, perfect (as was the Ference moment).

Highlight #4 – Whoever cooked up The Bear and Chara as housemates, with the bear shrinking Chara’s jersey….you are awesome.

Highlight #5 – David Krejci’s laugh to camera stoicism, A+

And finally,

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*Insert words here*

Well, folks really got into our Steve Downie caption contest on Thursday so until you stop caring, I’ll keep putting these things together.

It has been a pretty up and down year for the sniper from Brampton, Ontario both on and off the rink. This picture gives us the perfect opportunity to peer into his soul and find out what Mr. Nash, at his core, is thinking.

Put your best words in Rick Nash’s mouth…. Go! (Keep it reasonably PG on here and feel free to tweet anything especially creative.)

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*Words go here*

Like one of my posts earlier tonight, this picture was brought to my attention by the good folks who hang out at Reddit Hockey. This one is also pretty reliant on fan participation.

Simply put, the original version of this picture was actually a meme. It’s a pretty classic picture (as of yesterday) and I think we all know what Steve Downie is all about.

Put your best words in Steve Downie’s mouth…. Go!

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