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I’ve seen it tossed around on the Twitters a few times this morning: was Devin Setoguchi’s “shootout fail” the worst/best/fail-iest of all-time? (Quick aside here – I hate the way we use the word “fail” these days, but in this context it only seems to make sense.)

Before we get to the video evidence, the short answer: no.

It’s not the worst NHL shootout attempt of all-time because once upon a time Dennis Wideman played for the St. Louis Blues.

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Pre-hugging it out

I feel like the Boston Bruins locker room is a pretty interesting place, no? What a bizarre clash of personalities. Between Tim Thomas and his bomb shelter blueprints (I kid, I kid), Tuukka Rask’s temper, Shawn Thornton chirping everyone, Brad Marchand taking out people’s knees, and the rest of that sitcom worthy cast it would be a lot of fun. Somewhere a 24/7 producer is re-thinking a Bruins-free Winter Classic.

Tonight the Bruins showed that they all love each other after all. They’re all going to be playing for Team Chara, and don’t seem to be holding any grudges about where they were picked. And by “they” aren’t holding grudges, I mean Tyler Seguin isn’t holding a grudge despite being one of the last players picked. While I’m sure some people would be a little ticked off that they were drafted after Kimmo “Freaking” Timonen (I kid, I kid), Seguin is not. Why? He and Chara opted to hug it out.

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This is what Bublé saw before he went face first into the boards

The Vancouver Canucks are 1-2 in shootouts this season, but they’re going to need to look beyond the music industry to solve their problems. Michael Bublé came to join the Canucks at practice today and had the chance to take on Roberto Luongo in the shootout.

While his attempt on goal wasn’t half bad, the end result was painful to watch as Bublé went careening into the boards after his shot on goal. Corey Schneider’s chagrined body language says it all if you ask me. Take a look… Read the rest of this entry »

Each episode of Face Paint gives us some insight into the personalities and interests of goaltenders around the league, and that’s part of what makes them so enjoyable.

I live in Phoenix, have participated in the Pat Tillman run and generally think Jason Labarbera’s mask is terrific, so this was my favourite episode yet. Oh, and stick around for the Bissonnette interview after. It’s hilarious.

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On Saturday, Scott Gomez returned to the ice for the first time since October 20th. That totals seven games played on the year for him, in which he’s yet to tally a goal, and has one assist.

He takes what seems like a seemingly endless amount of snark over his contract, most of which is deserved.

But, as much as there’s no avoiding the fact that he’s overpaid, there’s also no way to claim he’s not an awesome guy.

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