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Since their first season (and prior to it, actually, when they were Hartford), the Carolina Hurricanes have been among the group of teams that’ve made me want to flip channels. In fact, I literally made a list just last season that ranked them as the #1 team I skip when checking which games are on.

And I quoteth myself:

Save for their Stanley  Cup year (which was out of left field), it feels like they’re constantly a non-contending non-playoff team. They’re the wrestler whose job it is to make the star look good (after a quick Google search, that makes them “Jabronis,” apparently). I associate the team with names like Tim Brent, Patrick Dwyer, Jay Harrison and others that make you go… “Y’know, I think I’ll go watch an Oilers game or something.”

I think those wrestlers are also called “jobbers,” Bourne. But anyway.

A few moves later, and I’m suddenly more excited to watch Carolina play than any other team. Seriously. Read the rest of this entry »