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That smile. Gary Bettman is a saucy fellow.

It’s Thanksgiving in the land of Uncle Sam, and after yet another setback in NHL negotiations, the hockey world refuses to smile back at Gary Bettman. Not that it ever did; but it certainly seems more palpable on a day of thanks.

With people taking to the twitter machine to broadcast what they’re thankful for to the world, it is clear that nobody — literally nobody, except for maybe 30 or so very wealthy people and a couple of internet trolls — is thankful for Gary Bettman. Here is a (very) small sample of said sentiment.
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No hair was pulled in this encounter

Well, it’s official: Duncan Keith has been suspended by the NHL for five games for his hit on Daniel Sedin on Wednesday and the rush of Blackhawks fans complaining about the severity of the punishment and Canucks fans complaining about Brendan Shanahan’s Chicago favoritism has begun in spectacular fashion.

Seriously, it’s hilarious. Twitter search ALL of this. Search @NHLShanahan mentions. Search #Canucks and #Blackhawks hashtags. I could read all of it for hours. Alas, I digress…

I think Shanahan and his department got the call right. There are obviously two clear sides to this – the argument that Keith was a first time offender (his hit on Matt Cooke in 2009 is not taken into consideration here) in the eyes of the league and the suspension should have been in line with the 2-3 games typical of first time offenders. On the other hand, this was a pretty blatant shot at a guy and it was nasty enough that it should have put him out for the season which would put him in the 7-8 game territory.

I think Shanahan hit the happy medium here with five games. It was a bad hit, but Keith has no history and the rationale is in line with past suspensions.

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“Right now” might not be a necessary part of the title.

A number of columns have been written today that don’t exactly paint the once-lovable Tim Thomas in a positive light.

His decision to skip the Bruins visit to the White House has set off a mini media firestorm, which Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe poured gas on today. His column “Team is Used to Thomas’ Ways“ brought to light that the perception of Thomas in the B’s dressing room may not be what most of us thought it was.

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