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Face Paint with Mike Hutchinson

Wait – a guy from Montreal painted a helmet for a Bruins’ goaltender? I’m surprised he didn’t sabotage it.

With the arrival of Marty Turco, Mike Hutchinson didn’t get to stick around long – just long enough to get to be on the team for a game in Toronto’s ACC, a place where he’s watched many a game in the past….from the stands.

Here’s Paul Brothers and Mike Hutchinson, in our latest edition of Face Paint:

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In today’s episode of Face Paint, Scott Clemmensen shares his “Felix Potvin”-inspired masks with us.

Turns out he’s kept every helmet he’s ever had since junior, and intends to somehow incorporate them into some kind of wine cellar when he’s done playing. …Well alright then.

Here he is explaining the look he was going for, including his Jimmy Buffet-inspired backplate.

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But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Paul Brothers of theScore caught up with Thomas Greiss for our latest episode of Face Paint.

Don’t look now, but this episode involves a Yeti.

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After getting the starting nod in six straight games, it’s become obvious that the Edmonton Oilers are giving Devan Dubnyk his chance to be an NHL starter.

Paul Brothers from theScore caught up with him to talk about his masks the other day, and he was kind enough to give us a tour of those and explain why he chose the looks he did.

With inspiration from Bill Ranford and Freddy Brathwaite, we present Face Paint with Devan Dubnyk.

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Face Paint with Al Montoya

Al “The Big Cubano” Montoya is the latest guest on “Face Paint” and as usual, he’s fantastic.

His helmet style is pretty unique, and it came out damn nice considering he managed to work in The Fisherman.

Paul Brothers hosts.

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(Pic from

theScore’s video team is back with two more installments of our show Face Paint today, bringing you up-close and personal looks at the masks of Jonathan Quick and Corey Schneider.

Both masks are tributes back to goalies of old, with one major difference: Corey Schneider made the wise decision to not go with the hair-and-ears look that some tendy’s have been taking to lately.

Up first is Schneider, then Quick. We need you to weigh in on this: are you pro hair-and-ears, or no?

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It’s time for another edition of Face Paint, this time featuring Martin Biron and hosted by Rob Pizzo.

Biron takes us through both his everyday mask, and his Winter Classic specialty (I snapped that pic of him practicing at the Winter Classic, that’s an HBO “Go Pro” helmet cam affixed to his noodle).

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