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After coming across a photo of Jaromir Jagr in the early ’90s last week, it occurred to me that the lockout would be the perfect time to analyze just how wonderfully NHLers dressed a few decades back. Naturally, that epiphany took me to where we’re headed today:

The Gretzky family, as a group, has fantastic fashion sense. Janet Jones (Gretzky) really embraced the 80s, as evidenced by the trio of photos below:

Unitards, man. Now that’s the stuff right there. (BTW, how about the text on the Playboy cover? “Wanna bet those ain’t real?” I literally have no idea what that means. You’re betting they are, or no?)

Of course, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Her daughter, Paulina Gretzky, has claimed this decade as her own: Read the rest of this entry »

If there’s one thing we know for sure about hockey fans, it’s that they love the sport’s history. And not just the actual hockey: the old jerseys, the gear, the collectibles and beyond.

Reddit Hockey is a wonderful site for digging up old stuff, as fans head there to share the gems they’ve dug up in thrift stores, garage sales, and on the internet. One such prized finding is the image of Jaromir Jagr below, courtesy “vuvuzela332.”

Let’s take some time to break this down – and don’t act like this is lockout filler – this is important.

The year, we’ll assume, is 1992. I’m going off the hair, which is similar to the lid he rocked in the early ’90s, as shown above. His teammate, I’m sad to admit…I have no idea (Jiri Slegr?). I could use a little help there, folks. (UPDATE: Martin Straka.)

Let’s take an overall look, then go from the top down: Read the rest of this entry »