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It’s always intriguing when skill players drop the mitts, mostly because you know it’s not some staged affair, but also because they usually have no idea what they’re doing and things can end up going hilariously. At 32, Lecavalier’s established himself as a skill guy who’s not afraid to stand up for himself (he has 22 NHL tilts), so when the 23 year old Schenn came at him, he didn’t hesitate to get dirty. We’ll give the decision to Schenn.

UPDATE: Landeskog has returned to the bench for the 2nd period.

The Sharks are playing a rare day game at home today against the Colorado Avalanche, and so far, the game has been full of action.

On the plus side, Patrick Marleau became the first player in 95 years to score multiple goals in four straight games to start a season. (first player to achieve this since Cy Denneny in 1917-18) On the negative side, Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog was sent flying after a huge hit from the Sharks’ Brad Stuart.

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Whenever there’s a fight in a hockey game, invariably one of three things will happen:

1 – The player who won the fight sees his team score in the next five minutes

At this point, the goal is credited to the fighter, who did a sufficient job rallying his troops with his fists, bringing his scorers to life, and pumping them with the necessary amount of confidence to get the goal.

2 – The player who lost the fight sees his team score in the next five minutes

Now the broadcasters are crediting the lost fighter with the goal. You see, they saw their teammate sacrifice his face for them. That’s, really, what got the team going. They felt like they just couldn’t lose it for their teammate after he’d put himself in harm’s way for the team.

3 – Nothing, in which case the matter is forgotten about completely

A broadcast will completely forget about a fight if it fails to have any impact on the game. This happens in most cases after a scrap, but are consistently ignored when a commentator tries to make the illogical link between fighting and wins.

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Submitted to Reddit Hockey via “TooSmooth.” Holy smokes that looks like ouch. Eager got some zippers above his eye after, and won’t be playing tonight.

Lame opening faceoff fight is lame

Things like this are what make hockey fighting seem über-lame.
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Sabres forward Drew Stafford, who isn’t known for dropping the gloves, took exception of a hit from behind from Flyers forward Scott Hartnell on teammate Tyler Ennis. Although he clearly lost the fight, he won the battle with his teammates, who were appreciative of his efforts.

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In the above Face Punch Fight, you’ll note that two very tough, strong men tried to punch each other’s faces many, many times. Those men, specifically, would be Joel Rechlicz of Portland and Frazer McLaren of the Worcester Sharks. I have no idea what it was about, but I think it’s safe to assume something meaningful. I believe fight connoisseurs would file this “tilly” under “beauties,” eh?

(S/t CBS Eye on Hockey)