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Photo: Carlos Osoria, Toronto Star

This morning Steve Dangle tweeted out a link to an article on The Grid (A weekly online Toronto newspaper, I’m told – my co-workers had generally good things to say about it) titled “My son’s not playing hockey because hockey breeds jerks,” by Christopher Shulgan.

My Twitter feed was kicking it around, and seemed generally annoyed, as the knee jerk reaction usually goes when your group of people gets slighted. My initial reaction was a little different – depending on how the post is written, the guy could be making a very good point.

My second reaction was “What a troll of a headline” – it’s the sort of generalization that made me tempted not to take the bait and give the post more views, but what the hell, there actually is a little merit within. There’s also plenty of bullshit. Let’s read the post together and I’ll weigh in on what I think has value, and what’s needs to be stuffed in a rocket and shot into the sun.

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