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This morning I woke up and read a column by Chris Chase in USA Today on the fact that football players Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe asked for an autograph and picture from NFL great Peyton Manning, respectively. This was an hour after the game where Manning threw two touchdowns to lead his Denver Broncos past their Kansas City Chiefs.

The column includes the following quote from former Chief Rich Baldinger, who had this to say when asked if he’d have ever done something like that in his playing days:

“No,” he replied. “I don’t understand it at that moment. They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team’s about. I don’t know if winning’s really that important.”

Chase notes that Charles ran for over a 100 yards during the game (psst, hockey people, that’s good), and Dwayne Bowe had four grabs that averaged over 10 yards per (that’s fine, not great). They played well, in sum.

I had a coach in junior hockey whom I’ve mentioned on this site a number of times who was in Baldinger’s corner: when you lose, you have to mope and pout and not talk because if you’re able to smile you obviously don’t give a shit, regardless of how you played. Read the rest of this entry »