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Pictured: Mediocrity

Pictured: Mediocrity

Before the season, on this thing called the Backhand Shelf Podcast (which you should totally listen to because we’re awesome), I predicted that Al Montoya would be the Winnipeg Jets starting goaltender by the end of the season because I needed something random and arbitrary and I think Ondrej Pavelec is terrible. On Saturday, Montoya got a shutout. On Monday, amongst Montoya discussion, our little podcast gang determined that Montoya was the definition of an “average” goaltender and, thus, the Montoya Line was born. Basically, if Montoya is the standard for being average, a goalie can rank above or below the Montoya Line. It’s a complicated system.

Today I had the thought Bourne told me to rank all the goalies in the NHL on the Montoya Line. I created a three-point system on either side. Basically, a goalie can rank anywhere from 1 to 3 points either below or above the line. Sometimes higher, though. And sometimes I just ranked goalies wherever I felt like it. Keep in mind this is entirely my opinion based on a rating system that I made up. YOLO, etc.

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The good folks over at The Whistle have been hard at work trying to figure out just where Roberto Luongo is going to end up this week, or at the very least, what’s going on the goaltender’s head. They even went as far as to hack into his Gmail inbox and grab a screenshot of what they saw. I’m grateful to report that they passed it on to us, and now we’re proud to share with you what they found: Read the rest of this entry »

A rare crossover post with theScore’s blog “The Basketball Jones.” Check out the LA Kings mascot beating Dwight Howard of the Lakers in a shooting competition. Mad swag, yo.

When Mike Richards and Andrew Ladd threw together an impromptu road hockey game, we wrote about it because we thought it was pretty cool.

Well, we still do. TSN was there the whole day, and put together a highlight package of just how the whole day unfolded.

As you’ll note at the end of the video, the Winnipeg Jets have some pretty fantastic fans. …Not that you didn’t already know that.

Jamie McBain plays for the Carolina Hurricanes. The first time I ever heard of him my mind immediately went to the Simpsons and their famous Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired movie series. I’m not sure who plays Mendoza in my mind, but the comparison is definitely there.

As a frequent listener of the PRODcast, I was inspired by a discussion Riley and Ian had about people/bands/athletes whose name sound one way and are completely different in real life. They even went as far as citing Logan Couture as an example. He does not sound like a hockey player. He sounds like something much ritzier.

In what I think should go well, I give you five hockey players who ought to be doing something else with their lives, based on their names.
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Every summer, NHL players tend to get together in dense pockets around North America and Europe to train together, which makes sense – you can’t get better when you’re playing noon drop-in with a bunch of accountants and lawyers, no offense to those distinguished professions.

One of the more well-known get togethers is sponsored by the sport drink “BioSteel,” which players either love (and by all accounts they do), or are paid to say they love (less likely, from what I hear). Mike Cammalleri is one of their biggest supporters, and Paul Bissonnette isn’t too far behind.

On the first day of camp this year, Cammalleri decided to give Bissonnette a bit of a hard time, so he set up his own mini-version of punked to get the job done. Read the rest of this entry »

(Rick Stewart, Getty Images)

I have a metaphorical glass case in my house with a sign that says “Break glass in case of lockout.” It’s filled with stacks of VHS tapes and DVD boxes: I have a fairly extensive collection of hockey movies, shows, and highlights waiting to be busted out when I need to scratch my hockey itch. From classics like Youngblood and Slapshot to more obscure titles like Hockey Mom and Hockey Night, I have plenty of options in case the lack of NHL hockey gets me down.

I even have the first season of CBC’s not-very-good Making the Cut and the complete series of the 70′s Peter Puck animated shorts. And I have a stack of Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em VHS tapes. Last night, I needed some hockey. So I popped in the original Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em from 1989.

I did so with a purpose, however. One of the criticisms that has been levelled at Cherry is that he promotes a hardnosed, physical style of hockey because he profits from it, rather than because he actually thinks it’s good for the game. So I turned to the original Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em to see how much of this was true. How many of the hits and bodychecks would be considered dangerous and illegal by today’s standards? How many of the hits that Cherry celebrates are potential concussion-inducing, career-ending checks?

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