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Alice Cooper: Phoenix Coyotes fan

Wave it, Alice

The above picture will surely do no favors to those who like to make retirement community cracks at the expense of Phoenix, Glendale and the Arizona population at-large. Even ME, the most understanding, compassionate person you’ve ever read made fun of Phoenix IN MY MIND when I saw this. What specifically?

“Wow, Phoenix, even your token celebrity hockey fans are retired.”

I’m sorry Arizona, I thought I was better than that. Guess not.

To make it up to everyone, I’ve compiled a list of Alice Cooper album and song titles which I think could be chapter names if we turned the 2012 playoffs into a book.

Love It to Death
Billion Dollar Babies
Welcome to My Nightmare
Raise Your Fist and Yell
Hey Stoopid
Brutally Live
No More Mr. Nice Guy
I’m Eighteen
I Never Cry
You Want It, You Got It
Talk Talk

If you were to put the 2012 playoffs to music, what song would you choose?

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I’ve brought up the race for NHL 2013 coverboy before here and specifically Scott Hartnell’s campaign to be the man on the front of everyone’s shiny new toy come next season. In sum, I’m a big supporter of it, I think it would be great.

The Philadelphia Flyers have rolled out their campaign to get their man on the cover and it begins with the “Captain Canada” look above. Not too shabby, crew.

Having seen this, who’s your ultimate Captain per hockey country?

Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the Czech Republic and the USA are the top six in the IIHF rankings, run with those.


Doing my daily NHL photo search occasionally yields some gems. You’ve seen some of the best ones with our caption contests and now this one pops up. This is obviously not Jack Nicholson, but damn, the resemblance is uncanny, no?

The question which now burns in my mind is:

Some items for your consideration…
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They will win the twitter war.

The L.A. Kings have been causing quite the riot on twitter these days, what with chirping their opponents and proclaiming their own awesomeness and whatnot. It’s really been quite a ride. I don’t know about you but I think it beats the team accounts that just tweet out their starting line up that day and RT their fanboys who just make stupid hashtags as a tribute to their favorite scrub player. Or, the teams that RT their fanboys who tweet how much they think their favorite team will win by at the end of March, three weeks after they were eliminated from the playoffs…

You know who you are.

At any rate, the Kings have been having a field day ahead of their game two match up against the St. Louis Blues, and decided to push their man in the NHL13 cover race, Anze Kopitar, on twitter. Conveniently, Kopitar is matched up against Blues star and super pest, David Perron. The Kings pumped up their man online and there was some predictable backlash.
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TheScore’s Pinterest account brought this picture to my attention and I must say I’m quite happy that it did.

For those of you who don’t know me particularly well, three of my favorite things in life are:

1) Darth Vader
2) Super Mario
3) NES
4) Teemu Selanne

And, here we are on the internet, and I find a picture which satisfies my fandom of all four in one fell swoop.

If you could have any hockey player promote anything, what would it be?

Every sports fan loves a good haircut. I challenge you to defy that logic. Football fans enjoy Troy Polamalu’s mane flowing out the back of his helmet, basketball fans enjoy Ben Wallace’s potentially explosive ‘fro, baseball fans get a kick out of Tim Lincecum’s whatever that is, I love Steven Stamkos’ flow. It is, to borrow a phrase, dirty.

Tonight, while gazing upon Erik Karlsson’s domed shag, it occurred to me that I have seen this shape before. To that end, I consulted the twitterverse: Read the rest of this entry »

What curse?

It’s that time of year again, folks!

As the season winds down and we gear up for playoffs, we can all expect to be slowly and regularly tantalized by the good men and women of EA Sports as they begin to roll out the latest installment of their “NHL” franchise. This year was very exciting for me given my love of running over goaltenders in video games regardless of penalty and I’m really hoping they find a way to inject something new that I thoroughly enjoy.

This year, EA has decided to embrace democracy and let fans vote on who they’d like to represent their beloved gaming franchise. The options are seemingly endless as there are some pretty interesting names on this list.

Feel free to pull up the ballot here at and cast your vote.

I’m really hoping that the trolls come out and we can have Matt Stajan and Tyler Bozak fighting it out to be on the cover this year.

If you could have one player on the cover, regardless of whether or not it they would ever be an option, who would it be?

Comment, TweetFacebook your dream cover boys.