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If you didn’t spend yesterday all over your computer mauling the hockey interwebs like a grizzly would the salmon of Capistrano, you likely missed many, many bits of hockey news.

I realize that as editor of theScore’s hockey blog that it’s my job to keep you fully informed, so…here’s a comprehensive UFA Day recap. Everything that didn’t slip through the tight nets of the team over at NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk, anyway.

If you’d like a little elaboration on my quick thoughts, please, give the links a click and track down some more detail. And then, um, click the links to the stories they’ve linked to for the full story. Links for everyone!

So here is every headline they wrote on July 1st (AKA every piece of important news), the day unrestricted free agents were eligible to sign, complete with some of my commentary.

The big prizes (Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Rick Nash, Roberto Luongo, etc. etc.), well, we’re still waiting for those balls to drop, so I’ll get to those when the news breaks today.

In chronological order from yesterday morning to last night…let’s get to it.


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