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82-0-0, for sure right?

Gambling may not necessarily be your thing, to which I say “good on ya.” But even for someone like yourself these lines have to be somewhat entertaining.

For the rest of us who do like to rid ourselves of money because remember that one time I almost hit that 15 team parlay, the following lines over at bodog are awfully tempting.

Answers in the comment section please: which ones are you picking?


Will the Montreal Canadiens fire Jacques Martin before November 30, 2011?
Yes                  +150
No                     -200

This has been the conversation of the day. While it won’t make me much money, I’m still putting it on no.

This bet to me wouldn’t be much different if the date were October 30th. Basically, I think their team is badly underachieving. I don’t believe it’s possible that they could continue this level of sucktitude. So, they’ve either had it by now and are going to gas him soon, or he’s going to stick around, the team will improve, and he’ll make it to the end of the season.

Will the Calgary Flames trade Rene Bourque during the 2011-12 regular season?
Yes                  +145
No                     -190

Also selecting no on this one, if not for the biggest reason: a lot of things have to be right on both sides for the trigger to get pulled. When the majority of your team is on the downhill of the age-game while wearing skis, keeping a 29 year old quality player is probably the right idea. They can make it work….can’t they? Read the rest of this entry »