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This face > Darcy Tucker's face

You wanted NHL 24/7 in the summer? You got it! Check out this 24/7 spoof from tonight’s NHL Awards featuring Tracy Morgan who you may know from such programs as Saturday Night Live and the impeccable 30 Rock.

On a night full of crickets, this got chuckles from me. Though it may have to do with my love of ‘TGS with Tracy Jordan’ and not what actually happened in the skit. It is impossible to tell.
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The off-season sucks.

What a bittersweet time.  The Stanley Cup is full of champagne or spaghetti or chocolate milk. It has its hair down, tie loose, sleeves rolled up, and is partying like a rock star.

I’d wager that by now the Cup’s had enough fake boobs pressed against it to win an AVN Award (aka the Academy Awards of porn — don’t ask why I know that).

While the Kings bask in its shiny glow and drink themselves into a well-deserved oblivion, the rest of the hockey-obsessed world staggers out into the sun and squints at the sudden contrast in their lives. This thing we got excited for nearly every day of the last nine months is over.

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Words. There are none.

It makes me sad that the Jersey Shore cast have become the unofficial television representatives of the great state of New Jersey, but these are strange times we live in. There are of course many obvious jokes to be made here along the lines of “The Jersey Shore cast has had more shots since the opening faceoff than the Devils,” but that just feels too easy.
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That face.

When David Clarkson scored in tonight’s game two affair against the Philadelphia Flyers, he decided to do something that is generally considered a no-no in sports. He celebrated with props.

This is frowned upon.
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Suave and hip, with a dash of retro: I'm crazy about your hair, Stammer.

It’s all playoff beard, all the time* this time of year. A subject so near and dear to people’s hockey hearts, I only dare to tread around the edges of it.

*except for the other 90% of the time when it’s all hits to the head and Shanabanning.

Hockey hair, on the other hand, is a year round thing. And even though the mullet has effectively been mocked out of existence, the follicles of NHLers all around the league still bless us with the occasional case of obsession-worthy flow.

Let’s start broad and work our way down my list of hockey hair that has stuck with me this season like a bad habit.

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My wife once had a bird named Spike, whom she loved endlessly. She has reminded me about this, oh, 30,000 times, as she’d like to get another bird. I’ve fought her tooth and nail on this, because….birds?

But if I could grab a bird like this…I’d be tempted (even though it’s a Canucks fan).

Via the @passittobulis twitter feed, meet Moko. Go Canucks go. Apparently.

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Every sports fan loves a good haircut. I challenge you to defy that logic. Football fans enjoy Troy Polamalu’s mane flowing out the back of his helmet, basketball fans enjoy Ben Wallace’s potentially explosive ‘fro, baseball fans get a kick out of Tim Lincecum’s whatever that is, I love Steven Stamkos’ flow. It is, to borrow a phrase, dirty.

Tonight, while gazing upon Erik Karlsson’s domed shag, it occurred to me that I have seen this shape before. To that end, I consulted the twitterverse: Read the rest of this entry »