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Docked points for posting a sort of “selfie” Instagram vid, but as the title says…damn, dem hands. Stick-handling a golf ball.

As I’m sure you know by now, “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis is the goal song of the Chicago Blackhawks. Well, this is that tune wearing a tux.

(S/t to The Sporting News)

rally towel suit

Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy was at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final last night, and happened to come across the above dude with the above rally towel suit. Y’know, pretty standard attire. Here’s what Wysh had to say:

If the ‘rally towels’ contain some mystical powers of encouragement, then Ken Cruise is their living totem. The 21 year old Bruins fan from Rhode Island attended Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night and was an inescapable sight in Section 4: Cheering on the Jumbotron in a bright yellow suit constructed entirely from used rally towels.

His digs are comprised of 27 towels, and seem to be assembled in near-flawless nature. He did say he has to fix the suit after every use – it’s made of towels, remember – but I vote it’s well worth it. For more, check out Wysh’s post.

Both anthem singers have become celebrities of sort for doing what they do. Take a couple minutes to hear what Rene Rancourt and Jim Cornelison have to say about doing what they do.

art institute of chitown

If those lions don’t have 26 NHL games under their belts at this point, they’re stuck wearing those helmets as per NHL mandate for the rest of their careers. This is at the Art Institute of Chicago, for those who don’t feel like doing detective work and aren’t from Chicago.

(S/t Horseraddish)

alfie pong

Probably. Okay, let’s be honest here, yes.

The tweet I got from @morebennett (thanks, by the way) simply said “Spotted in a bar in Ottawa on Friday: a shirtless Daniel Alfredsson playing ping pong.” (Editor’s note: “sources” say it was a Saturday.)

Friday night was the day the Senators’ season ended at the hands of the Penguins, so you know he was out with the boys. You know he was drinking given the situation, so you understand how he could justify ending up shirtless. And the ping pong is a no-brainer. With zero verification, I hearby declare this to be legit. Look at that hair. Alfie the Best.

I’m sort of a huge Darryl Sutter fan, so his post-game presser after the Kings Game 6 Sunday night loss to the Sharks really made my Monday morning. Tough to be more honest than this. It’s also tough to say so little while pretty clearly implying reporters are idiots.