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Ice Hockey - Men's Gold Medal Game - Day 17

Pictured: History

Every sports fan has “that game.” The lucky few of us have more than one “that game.” I live in Toronto so I only have one. Thankfully, my “that game” is the shared by almost the entirety of Canada. I am speaking, of course, about the 2010 Gold Medal game between Canada and The United States. Three years ago today the game was played. Three years ago today I became a Sidney Crosby fan. I remember…most of it.  A lot of people point to game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup as the greatest hockey game ever played. I get that but I’ve watched that game recently and, with some distance and hindsight, I can pretty safely say that 2010 topped it. Maybe it’s the being there aspect but, for my money, there has never been a greater game than the one that was played on February 28, 2010.

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I’m a huge fan of all things “mic’d up.” I would pay an ungodly sum to get all the players mic’d up and watch/listen to games on HBO, uncensored. Last night Zac Rinaldo rocked a mic, and didn’t change his behaviour, which is fun for the rest of us.

I know his type – the tough guy who tells you every game just how DEAD he’s going to make you – and grew to find them hilarious. Your best bet is to ignore them, but I think Phil Kessel went with a sharp “No you’re not” retort. GOT ‘IM.

By the way: please don’t get too sensitive about this (“But head shots!“). Hockey’s a tough game, and attempts at intimidation are a real thing. They aren’t going anywhere.

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Jonathan Drouin is going to go in the top 5 of the next NHL entry draft, mostly because he’s ridiculously talented. His performance at the World Junior Championships over the past year put him on my radar, and I quickly became a fan. Or a fanboy. Whatever.

The goal above (versus Bathurst) reminds of the stuff The Professor used to do on the And1 Mixtape Tour – juke someone, flat beat them, then head back to where they started because, whatever, I can do that whenever I want. Those kids he’s up against just aren’t in his league.

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Florida Panthers v Buffalo Sabres

Sabres goalie Ryan Miller kept the score tied at three late in the third period against the Penguins after absolutely robbing James Neal of his 12th goal on Hockey Day in America.

Neal was on the receiving end of a beautiful pass from Sidney Crosby, but Miller read the play perfectly and makes an incredible glove save.


So, this NHL ’94 chair mat is just about the coolest thing ever, right? What better way to let people know that you’re both into sports and a vidiot. They’re not available yet, but it sounds like they could be in the not-too-distant future. Check out to stay up on the news.

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San Jose Sharks  v Columbus Blue Jackets

San Jose Sharks goalie Thomas Greiss unveiled his new look mask today, and boy is it ever awesome!

This is the greatest video over, and I feel the need to share it for those who missed it over the weekend on the Buzz.

Dated February 4th, all I can tell you is that it’s from a game in Russia, and the way the ref takes off his bucket as if to say “Welp, this is happening” is amazing.