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I’m not exactly sure what to say about Kaspars Daugavins shootout attempt against the Bruins, except for that it was a lot of fun to watch, and it’s worked before. And it was weird.

Yeah, what he said.

Daugavins goes toe-down on top of the puck, as Phil Bourque once did many decades ago. Watch:

He then keeps pressure on the puck, skates it near-directly down the ice, and tries the spin-o-rama move. To his credit, he more or less beats Rask. If not for the remaining toe on the left side of the net, this is one of the most talked about shootout goals of all-time. Hell, it’s still going to generate conversation.

Here it is:

You can’t kill a guy for trying something like this when it’s worked for him in the past. Here he is in the AHL, scoring on the Hamilton Bulldogs: Read the rest of this entry »

Via Kukla’s Korner this morning, comes this “Three Flames Fans” video that, as the title of this post implies, will have you rolling in the aisles, or angry by the end of it.

Most of us have read the hockey names story (you can find it here – it’s pretty filthy, so sensitive folk need not apply) – well, this is a longer version of that, using just about every team in the NHL.

As noted at KK, Jared Kesso, the gent on the left, played Don Cherry in “Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story.” Read the rest of this entry »