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Mortality Play

The pain is always there. It’s bad when he sits down and worse when he stands up and worst of all when he lies down. During the days, he oscillates back and forth between perching stiffly on the couch and awkwardly pacing the floor. During the nights, he passes sleepless hours stretching and contorting his body this way and that, looking for a comfortable position that doesn’t exist. None of the painkillers make any difference, not even the T3s they gave him for his shoulder, which are usually enough to chase any ache for a couple of hours. Nothing drives away this pain, though. It’s always there.

A hamstring pull, the doctor says, but he’s not sure. Like so many pains, it doesn’t conform exactly to the textbook definition, doesn’t seem to start exactly where it ought to, doesn’t respond exactly the way you’d think. He’s tried pills and he’s tried massages and he’s tried exercises and now he’s trying electro-acupuncture, long needles buzzing deep in the tissue, trying to tense or release something twisted far beneath the layers of skin and fat and muscle. It’s close to the bone, this pain, dug way down into the nerves. He hopes it’s nothing more than a pull.

Whatever the cause, the doctor is sure of one thing: no hockey. Absolutely no hockey. Not until it’s better. When will it be better? The doctor doesn’t know. One day at a time. One treatment at a time. No sooner than mid-January. Possibly later.

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Projected attendance for 2013-14 NHL season.

We take a break from our usual posting of gloom this morning, to bring you a little doom.

In the past, the NHL has had work stoppages. There was a players’ strike, then a lockout, then a lockout, and now, a lockout. In the past, fans have come back. The 94-95 Stanley Cup was won by the New Jersey Devils after a short season, and fans were there (at least they had a season, after all). The 2004-05 season got vaporized entirely, yet fans returned. The thing being taken for granted by the league here is that the main reason they returned after the last lockout was that the product had improved. The game was faster without obstruction, the Winter Classic was introduced, and everything was peachy.

I’ve long held the belief that this lockout won’t see fans come rushing back in the same way this time. As I implied, there was something wrong with hockey, not just in the accounting departments, but on the ice last time. This time the league has shot the game out of the sky while it was flying at it’s peak. It’s like Duck Hunt, only without the laughing dog cause nothing’s funny, and the league killed it’s target.  Read the rest of this entry »