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It’s one thing to be an NHLer and get “Kronwall’d,” and quite another to be a 24 year-Latvian who’s never played the guy and get hit like this. I’m not sure why entirely, I just feel like you’d be a little more surprised. At least when NHLers are in a crumpled heap on the ice they can piece together that the number of the train that just hit them was 55 (as opposed to 7 at the Worlds). Saulietis may have thought the building got bombed or something.

International tournaments don’t see a lot of this stuff either, so it had to be even more shocking.

What amazes me about this hit is how quickly Kronwall transitions from looking like he’s skating backwards to making contact. I guess technically he is still skating backwards, only now for the forwards, he’s skating backwards at them. Seriously, watch that cut though, that’s some great skating.

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Playoffs are always physical, and this year was no exception. I think Alex Ovechkin would agree.

So, the proof: here are the top 10 hits from the first round of NHL playoffs:

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Rough night

The problem with high sticks is they’re a little haphazard. Actually, not a little, a lot. They tend to mess up whatever they make contact with. They cut your face, they bruise your face, they do a lot of generally unsavory things to your face or facial area. Peter Harrold learned that the hard way, only in more of a Dave Manson fashion.

For those of you who may be foggy, Dave Manson was a big, bruising NHL defenseman. At a point in his career he became known as “The Hoarse Whisperer” because a punch to the throat from one Sergio Momesso which permanently damaged his vocal chords and meant that Manson could barely raise his voice above a whisper volume.

Harrold has his Manson moment in today’s game against the Panthers and Tomas Kopecky played the role of Momesso as his stick popped up in front of the Devils net and speared Harrold right in the throat.

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As the game gets bigger and faster, the hits do too. I feel like I got the wind knocked out of my chest just watching these.

From 10 down to number one – the best hits of the 2011-2012 season:

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Why so serious?

The issue of skates getting up has been garnering some attention of late. Obviously it’s one of those scary things that happens in hockey that leaves players pretty much defenseless. We can legislate high sticks and elbows staying down but pucks and skates are part of the happenstance of the game. If you can escape without injury, you’re a lucky duck.

Just ask Brandon Dubinsky.

In today’s Calgary-Anaheim game, former Calgary cannon-fodder (read: Edmonton Oiler) Andrew Cogliano had a scary moment when he was clipped in the face by Mark Giordano’s skate. There was controversy to this play as the Flames had a goal called back after the whistle went, but I have no problem with that. It’s part of the official’s job to ensure that players are safe and Flames fans who think it’s unfair that a goal was called back because a player sustained a facial injury need to suck it up. If it was a Clint Malarchuk or Bryan Berard situation that goal would seem even less important than it realistically was in the first place. That’s why whistles get blown.

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"Should I poke him?" -Marty Reasoner

The title and photo above pretty much sum up the last two years for Sidney Crosby better than I can by giving an elongated explanation of how brutal it probably is to have your head get consistently bashed and split open. Sidney Crosby experiences this only on days that end in ‘y’ it seems.

Below is the latest installment of the Sidney Crosby head injury saga as he takes a puck squarely off the face courtesy of Dylan Reese. Ironically enough it’s too bad Reese didn’t get the puck up higher – then Crosby’s visor could have been put to some good use as opposed to the puck hitting Crosby in the nose (like it did) or in the mouth.

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Coming to a press box near you

It appears as though Shane Doan is getting tired of the gruelling late season NHL schedule because he’s playing like a guy who really wants some time off. It finally looks as though he’ll be able to kick his feet up and enjoy some quality NHL rink coffee very soon.

Doan picked up a penalty or two tonight when he laid a blatant elbow on the chin of Jamie Benn and proceeded to fight Brenden Morrow with a trip to the box in hand. Some of you will recall that just four days ago Doan was assessed a fine courtesy of one Brendan Shanahan for boarding Mark Giordano. Apparently the $2,500 fine wasn’t enough to sway Shane’s thoughts on hitting people as Jamie Benn’s face found out.

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