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Yeah, whatever, I sunk to this.

I think a solid hockey blog should provide balance. A little advanced stats here, a little “watch the game” there, some analysis, some highlights, whimsy, all that good stuff.

This morning we posted an excellent lockout solution courtesy @67sound, who proposed a “make-whole” cap that would allow both the NHL and NHLPA to stick to their core principles, while coming to an agreement on how the new CBA should look. It involved both numbers and words, and those things are often very complex for hockey fans. Especially the male ones.

For balance (man this is taking a lot of justification), I now present you with the latest Dallas Stars Ice Girls “Lake Day” video. Because it says the name of a hockey team on some of their bikinis, this counts as hockey related, trust me. I’m an expert. Read the rest of this entry »