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(Goin’ Backhand is a new segment at Backhand Shelf where I profile NHL Alumni)

You ought to save the best for last — or so the old adage goes. It’s only after the hardships that you fully grasp an appreciation of how fleeting a moment of greatness can be.

The lesson applies across all phases of life for all people, regardless of how you phrase the platitude; struggle yields satisfaction. Skip the trial and you lose perspective of how difficult or big those accomplishments were. You don’t want to run out your days feeling as though you’ve left something in the proverbial room.

While this may be true for the most part, some people have a knack for getting it right the first time. For Don Beaupre, in 17 NHL seasons and now 14 years as an businessman, he got it right off the hop. Twice. And there shouldn’t be any doubt over whether or not he has left anything in that room.
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