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Ekman-Larsson, or "Harry Potter" as his teammates call him

Ekman-Larsson, or “Harry Potter” as his teammates call him

While I can’t personally think of a car either of my parents would want less, the gesture is still sort of cool. Oliver Ekman-Larsson bought his parents an orange Lambo (do they even come in other colours?) to say thanks for everything they’ve done for him. “Thanks Oli. Don’t worry about us financially or anything, just make sure we have one really ostentatious super-conspicuous item.” 

I’m being a jerk again, I’m sorry, this is a pretty cool thing. I just did not see this coming from the uber-humble, extremely talented 21 year old d-man.

Here’s what he had to say, in an interview with Julie Robenhymer (by the way, I can’t find the original yet, so this is clumsily translated Swedish):

Before he went to the U.S. last fall he took the opportunity to make his first major purchase in life – an orange Lamborghini for his father Patrick.

“It was his dream car.  I don’t know if it still is, but know that it was at one point.

It was more a kind of gratitude gift for all he has done for me. The gift was for my mom, too. She doesn’t use it very often, but they have done so much for me and still do, so I wanted to give something back. They deserve it.”



That ish cray.

(Stick-tap to Petter Carnbro)


Update: I didn’t realize the family lived in a small town either. This is from correspondence with a Swedish reader:

I don’t think it’s out-of-line with his humble personality, I suspect that since he heard his dad say that he had thoughts of making it happen for him some day as a token of his appreciation.  But boy will that look out-of-place cruising around Karlskrona (a small town of 35k people down here on the southern coast).

After every hockey practice, it’s the rookies job to pick up pucks. It can be a pain in the ass if a veteran stays out long after practice working on his shot (or whatever), because technically, a rookie has to hang around to pick them up. Most vets will be like “It’s okay, I got this,” but the point is that if a vet wants to get better, it shouldn’t be much to ask a rookie to put in the extra work.

Anyway, the general game is to put the crate against the boards (amateur hour) or in the middle of the ice (medium difficulty level). Nail Yakupov and Justin Schultz set the game to “expert” by trying to sauce pucks through the handle, and of course, succeeding. Coolio, duders.

Yakupov wins!

(S/t to Deadspin)

If there were still a hockey season and we all weren’t bitter beyond belief, you might think these were cooler, but whatever, I still like ‘em. I’m representing the Islanders over here, and the Sharks one above is way cool.

Checkout Eric Mazzola’s Portfolio, where he has some fantastic minimalist hockey logos for your computer’s desktop. If nothing else, maybe it’ll take your mind off Gary Bettman’s smug sneering for a hot sec.

A few examples:

The Blackhawks: Read the rest of this entry »

A slice of "The Detroit Octopus" by Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond is a freelance illustrator from Vienna, Austria, whose work has appeared in The National Post, The Progressive, Wired UK, and many other magazines, album covers, and other publications. His work is mesmerizing, matching fine and detailed line work with a boundless imagination and a clear Japanese influence.

Diamond is also a Canadian and a hockey fan, and has applied his skill to the myths and legends of hockey, presenting an entirely different perspective on the game and its history to what we normally see.

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Feel good stories are tough to come by during a lockout, so this one made me smile:

Yesterday Mike Richards and Andrew Ladd threw together an impromptu road hockey game, and took to Twitter to invite people to play.

Charitable events are excellent of course, but sometimes it’s neat to do something small and simple that the fans will appreciate without all the fanfare. Here’s the Richards tweet: Read the rest of this entry »

Picture credit to Naz Brown

I recently received a great message from Jason Cotsmire, a Long Island, NY native who now lives in Bangkok, Thailand, about a rather interesting sighting at his local arena these days: Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya.

It turns out that while other NHL players are trying to stay sharp by playing in a variety of European Leagues, Oduya wanted to take a little vacation, but still keep his skills sharp – Thailand was his solution. Here’s how Oduya’s participation there came to pass, from Cotsmire:

It was totally out of the blue and something I never would have believed, but I got it directly from his best buddy who joined him on the trip. Apparently they were celebrating his buddy’s birthday when the subject of the lockout came up and Johnny mentioned that if it kept on going, he was heading to Thailand for a vacation. [name redacted] told him he should check out if there was hockey there so he could still get some skates in and stay in shape…slightly kidding.  Johnny picked up his iPhone did a quick search and came upon Not only was there hockey here but he was going to be here during the dates of our annual tournament.

The tournament Cotsmire is referring to is The Land of Smiles ice hockey classic, “an annual mens league competition held in Bangkok to help raise money for hockey in Thailand and slum kids/communities in Bangkok through The Mercy Center.” Read the rest of this entry »

I was tinkering around on Reddit Hockey today, and saw that user bardown10 had Googled “when will the NHL regular season start,” which gave him the result “December 1st.” I tried, and boom – there you have it. All I know is, I’m not one to argue with Google. They’ve got friends in high places, man. Maybe Bettman’s given them the inside scoop.