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Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins fired out the following tweet – I recommend you give it a go. Read the rest of this entry »

Says "81" (the year) on the other side, has Dad's "14" below the Isles logo, pic of the Cup on other side.

The picture at the top of this post is of the Stanley Cup ring my Dad won in 1980-1981 as a part of the New York Islanders. It was their second Cup victory in the midst of their dynasty – each year they won, a diamond was added to the next ring (my brother was given the first one, meaning mine has more diamonds. Yesssss).

Something not a lot of people know – and I’ll be honest, I have no clue if teams still do this today or not – is that the wives were also given a piece of jewelry each time the Islanders won the Cup. Pretty classy move by the team there.

I had known this, but hadn’t actually seen my mom’s collection before, so when I went home this past week I asked her to pull the stuff out. Read the rest of this entry »

I found this on Reddit Hockey today, and being that I’m the perfect age to be impressed by something like this, I had to run it.

Here’s an image from every year of EA Sports “NHL” line, starting with 1994 and ending up in 2013, followed by some thoughts: Read the rest of this entry »

Aside from Backhand Shelf, I also do some work for Easton, so occasionally I’m privy to a few sneak-peeks that I find to be pretty cool. The gloves above are, obviously, Zach Parise’s new Minnesota Wild mitts that Easton will be giving him on Monday.

As much as I’m not a fan of the Christmas tree jerseys, even I have to admit – those are pretty darn sweet.

I’m not sure if it still qualifies as an infographic when it’s not a static image (infovideo sounds kind of silly), but apparently that’s what they’re sticking with for a label here.

This animated visualization is hypnotic, interesting and kind of out there – it basically shows you every goal (and every PIM) from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the order they happened, using real time data.

The article that accompanies the video here draws some conclusions that I’ll politely term “misguided” (that penalties are a valuable thing to have a lot of in playoffs?), but it’s still worth a read if you want a more thorough explanation of just what’s going on below.

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EA Sports Press Room recently shared some new images of the players traded on draft day in their new uni’s, taken from their upcoming game EA 13. If you didn’t hear, Claude Giroux is going to be on the cover, as decided by process only marginally shorter than the one necessary to find this year’s Republican nominee in the US.

The pictures are great fantasizing material, for those of you hoping your team has acquired a saviour.

So while you wait for Parise, Suter, and the other unrestricted free agents to sign, check ‘em out below – there’s a couple other images (and videos) in the EA Press Room too, including Jonas Gustavsson in Winnipeg Jets jersey. My, how quickly things change.

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