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Hockey players play golf. We just…do.

Playing hockey for a living means you have summers off. It probably means you probably grew up somewhere with legitimately cold winter months, which means you don’t want to waste nice days by sitting inside. You can be done with the gym and skating by like, noon. You’re probably somewhat capable athletically. You’re probably competitive. You probably like drinking beer. You probably have friends on the same schedule.

I mean…the whole thing is kind of a no-brainer.

The video above is Canadian golfer Graham DeLaet demonstrating that the feeling is mutual. He’s a Flames fan, who also happens to be top 30 in FedEx points/money, first in greens in regulation, first in actual scoring average, first in ball striking and second in par 5 scoring. Noooo big deal.

He’ll be playing in the Canadian Open this upcoming weekend, as will theScore sponsored Mackenzie Hughes. He’s our boy, so y’know, join us in rooting for him (and DeLaet too).

The golf and hockey overlap: it’s undeniable.

Mike Johnson, 2006. I wonder if they brought up the fact that he was still using a wood blade in arbitration to show he lacked sense? (Kidding, Mike, kidding.)

Mike Johnson, 2006. I wonder if they brought up the fact that he was still using a wood blade in arbitration to show he lacked sense? (Kidding, Mike, kidding.)

Salary arbitration in sports seems like a weird thing.

I am the ultimate layman when it comes to this topic (or any topic involving law), but my general understanding is that when a player (generally a restricted free agent) and team are due to sign a new contract, and they can’t agree on what the player deserves, they take the case to an independent arbiter who decides “Okay, based on stats and testimony Player A is a comparable to Players D, L and Y, so he should be compensated a similar amount.” 

The problem with this is that you put the team in a situation where they pay less if they prove the player is crap/equal to crap players, and the player in a situation where he says he’s kung-fu-level badass, and thus should be paid like other kung-fu-level badass players.

Because of this, yesterday I tweeted “How much do I have to give Rogers to get salary arbitration televised? “Here’s why the guy we’d like to sign is terrible.” I’d be enthralled.” (Rogers is my cable provider.) Something about the whole thing just intrigues me. As Richard Whitall, theScore’s soccer writer wondered, are they trying to make amends mid-process?

“Your honor, we’d like to point out that the player in question is a fat lump with no work ethic”

*behind back of hand* “No you’re not you’re in great shape sorry we have to say this” Read the rest of this entry »

Wirtz letter

Apologies if it’s tough to read, but I assume you have one of those magnifying zoomy options on your computer, so hopefully you’re find it legible. It came across my computer from a Jeff O’Neill tweet, in which he added the text “If you’re a fan of sport and what hockey represents you’ll like this.” Well said.

It’s a letter from Rocky Wirtz and the Blackhawks organization thanking the people of Boston (in the Globe) for being great hosts. Really cool stuff.

If the Chicago Blackhawks win in Boston tonight, captain Jonathan Toews will be handed the Stanley Cup. That does not mean, however, that it is in the building like we’re told. Here’s a neat clip about the actual process of getting the Cup presentation ready.

(S/t the great Sean Leahy)

Nobody has ever said the Detroit Red Wings aren’t a top-notch organization. Well actually, some jealous people have, but any team that makes playoffs 22 straight years and accumulates four Cups along the way is a-okay in my books.

Sometimes it’s all about doing the little things right, like sending your team plane to help your AHL prospects get to upstate New York quicker after a tough post-season loss. Looks like a decent sky shuttle too. And hey, they’re not using it right now, so what the heck. I thought this was pretty cool.

(S/t Kukla’s Korner)

allen americans

This Saturday the Allen Americans of the CHL (the Central one) won the President’s Cup Championship, but I assume you avid hockey fans out there knew that already. But what you may NOT have known, is that apparently this hotel in Dallas is a huge fan of CHL hockey, and decided to pay tribute to them by likely confusing everyone else. But hey, right colours for Memorial Day, so everybody wins I guess.

Allen Americans Primary

(Via Craig Ludwig)

stars new logo

Last night the Dallas Stars may have possibly leaked the teams new logo, which they planned on unvieling along with new jerseys in a couple weeks. It came from the teams official app, and was deleted, but not before a fan could grab the screenshot you see above. At first blush, I think I looks pretty sharp and clean, and I like the green. And you?

(S/t to @DamnOldNylon)


Update: Confirmed. You can read more about their official new logo here. One more pic:

stars confirm