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Twisting and Turning

It’s getting a little tiring, no? Evgeni Malkin’s insistence that he outdo everyone, all the time, including himself. Listen Geno, we know you’re more than likely the best thing on skates these days. You rubbing that in everyone’s face all the time probably isn’t going to make that any more apparent. You’re preaching to the choir at this point.

You may be wondering why I’m so adamant about this today. For those of you who didn’t catch the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay tilt earlier today, the Pens took the Lightning down to the tune of 8-1. To think Tampa knocked Pittsburgh out of the playoffs a little less than a year ago. At any rate, Malkin decided he was going to make it all about him by scoring a hat trick and adding an assist. One of his goals is about as beautiful as you’re going to see as he weaves through the entire bloody Lightning roster and makes Dwayne Roloson look rather silly to cap it all off.

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Don't worry, it's not this one.

Carey Price has been known to have some pretty cool masks over the years.

I think back to his Heritage Classic set up (pictured above - AHHHHH) in particular, but I’ve always liked his cowboy themed mask of old the most. Clean and simple, and suits him so well – he loves that stuff (video below). So, you can imagine my pleasure when I saw he’d be returning to something similar.

It’s a similar take on that western-themed mask, with a different chin and an even cleaner design.

Let us know what you think - I quite like it.

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A hunter gets ready to strike

Alright millionaire, how good does it feel to have put money down on SAM GAGNER of the EDMONTON OILERS having EIGHT POINTS against the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS? What? Nobody had picked SAM GAGNER to finish the night with EIGHT POINTS against the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS and tie WAYNE GRETZKY and PAUL COFFEY’S franchise record? Go figure.

On a serious note, that is really, really special. It has only happened 16 times in NHL history to 13 different players. You may recognize a few of the names on the list: Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux. Only one guy has scored more than eight points in a game and that was Darryl Sittler in 1976 when he potted 10 points against the Boston Bruins. It hasn’t been done in the NHL since 1989 when Super Mario did it. Let’s also not forget this list is more or less a compilation of guys who are in the Hall of Fame (a few exceptions) because you have to be spectacular to pull it off.

Basically I’m giving you this history lesson because what Gagner did is SUPER COOL. The Blackhawks part is also a cool twist. Why?

Here’s a cool picture that sums this all up perfectly.

Basically Sam Gagner has now immortalized his name with some of the greatest people to ever wear a pair of skates or a jersey regardless of the context of his season or career.

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Better late than never

An interesting stat nobody really gives much thought to is the fact that among the plenty of very talented goal scorers in the NHL, the guys who have scored tons and tons of goals at the pro level, there are many that have never mustered a hat trick in their career. As of tonight their leader was Shane Doan – long time member of the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes franchise – who had yet to score a hat trick in his career.

What made tonight’s hat trick even more interesting is the way in which Doan went about it. Namely, with time expiring on the clock, Doan was stuck at two goals. He decided to try and get one last shot off before the clock hit zero and, well, the end is just really, really cool.

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More like the Loch Ness Monster, no?

Goalie pads are one heck of an invention for the sport of hockey. Not only do they make the game safer for goaltenders, they make stopping the puck considerably easier. Most goalies enjoy playing with them on for this exact reason. Jonas Gustavsson laughs at these defenders of the twine.

In the sequence with the Jets cycling the puck down low, Gustavsson has his paddle knocked out of his hands and – while he tries to regain his position in the crease – his trapper comes off of his left hand leaving him effectively helpless. Right?

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One of my favourite things about watching an NHL practice are all the “stars: they’re just like us!” moments. There’s nothing better than watching the world’s greatest hockey players take part in like, the St. Louie drill or something else that qualifies as uber-basic. “Wait – those guys do that stuff too?”

I guess that’s why I found this particularly intriguing: it’s a short clip of Henrik Lundqvist and Marty Biron doing crease movements before practice.

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