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His third of the night, in particular, was faaaan-mazing. Amaze-tastic. Whatever. Great goal.

If you missed it last night, Kari Lehtonen made a ridiculous save on a great play from Columbus Blue Jacket’s defenseman Jack Johnson. The initial save is impressive, but that he manages to track it back behind him as it’s heading in, catch it, and roll his wrist over to keep it out was incredible.

In his net, where he should be

When it comes to goaltenders who have put together good seasons behind the top notch guys – Lundqvist, Quick, Elliott, etc. – not many of them have put together better years than Marc-Andre Fleury. Sure, the Pens are probably the most impressive team on the planet right now, but with #29 in net they are free to play a much more free wheeling style than they do with Brent Johnson or Brad Thiessen.

Unfortunately, its not all fun and games for Fleury as he has been known to have the occasional misstep. As sad as it is to say, I know plenty of people who refuse to accept him as a good hockey player because of his World Juniors misstep with Patrick O’Sullivan.
And when he makes plays like the one you’re about to see with Frans Nielsen I know said people are grinning heartily.

Take a look as Fleury misplays this breakaway. Read the rest of this entry »

"Hello, tiny human" -Chara

When you talk about the greatest defencemen of this generation you would be remiss to not include Zdeno Chara. The man is a freak of nature in multiple ways – size and strength being to go-to attributes of course – and is a surefire hall of famer.

The Bruins honored him for his 1,000th career game on Tuesday after Chara hit the mark on the Bruins latest road swing. Tonight wasn’t any less of a celebration because he did it away from home though, Big Z recorded three points against the Lightning in Boston.

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Count the sad Capitals

I’m not a big Jason Pominville guy as most people will tell you. I think he’s a good player but at his price tag I have a hard time dealing with what he brings. At any rate, he has put together a good little season for himself this year and looks like he may be worth that $5.3 million cap hit after all.

I’m human, I’m wrong sometimes, oh well.

Regardless of dollars and cents Pominville put together a hell of a goal for the Sabres against the Capitals in the biggest game of the season for Buffalo.

Watch as Pominville picks the pocket of Ovie, comes in on goal and freezes Michal Neuvirth to make it a 4-1 Sabres lead. Read the rest of this entry »


You know, if you’re a fan of unheralded goaltenders, the Pacific Division is the place for you. Between Jonathan Quick, Mike Smith and Jonas Hiller you’ve got some guys who are legitimately among the talk for best guys to have between the pipes on any given night. Fitting right in with them of course is fellow Pacific netminder Kari Lehtonen.

Lehtonen has silently put together one of the most impressive campaigns in the NHL this season, sitting in the top 10 for wins, save percentage and goals against average. All of this was done in spite of the fact that he spent a portion of the season on the injured reserve. If you want to know why the Stars are on top of the division right now? Look no further than number 32.

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This shouldn't have happened

Is there anything more demoralizing in hockey than a brutal goal?

Probably not. There’s that pervasive sense of “are you kidding me?” and “what the hell was that?” which infects the entire roster, top to bottom. Everybody’s glare becomes fixated on the goaltender – God forbid you’re at home and the crowd begins to prep themselves for a Bronx cheer – and things just get really, really uncomfortable.

In today’s slate of NHL action, two Masons – goaltenders, not cult members you Da Vinci Code fans – decided to duke it out for “if you thought that was bad, here’s this one” honors. Quite frankly, I’m a little perplexed as to which is actually worse. Hence therefore (Yogi Berra expression), I’ve decided to leave it up to you gang to tell us.

Take a look at each goal as Patrick Sharp shelfs one from the corner against Steve Mason and Evgeni Malkin beats Chris Mason from behind the Winnipeg net. Read the rest of this entry »