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As long as you can see his eyes you are safe

Nik Kronwall took some unjust heat from the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night after he laid out Ryan Kesler and didn’t fight him. Well, it turns out Kronwall is a pretty stand up guy. After verbally defending himself after the Canucks game, Kronwall went out to prove that he wasn’t simply picking on Kesler. No, Kronwall is a an equal opportunity bringer of pain.

Enter Tim Jackman.

In Thursday’s tilt against the Flames, Kronwall lays an identical hit on Jackman coming over the Calgary blueline with his head down. Jackman handles the hit a bit better as he got a great outlet pass up the ice, but that certainly didn’t make it hurt any less. Watch. Read the rest of this entry »

"I miss Richards and Pronger. Even Hartnell was alright I guess."

Well, it hasn’t been a very good year for Columbus Blue Jackets hockey – this we know. They were 9-20-4 coming into tonight and after blowing a 5-2 lead en route to losing 6-5, they move to 9-21-4. For those keeping score at home, that’s 22 points in 33 games.

It’s not for a lack of trying, it’s more due to a lack of skill. Where they do have skill, they are very skilled as Jeff Carter demonstrated below. Carter, who was supposed to be Rick Nash’s battery mate en route to the playoffs this year, has been a good goal scorer on a brutal team. This hat trick is proof.

If you don’t have a stopwatch handy, it took Carter 3:18 to score all three of those goals. It may take you longer to meander this build up to his hat trick than it took Carter to score all three goals.

On that note… Read the rest of this entry »

Gaustad picturing his next victim

Do you get the sense that Paul Gaustad is a man on a mission since publicly calling himself out after Milan Lucic concussed Ryan Miller? We featured him two nights ago here on Backhand Shelf after some rough play initiated by Gaustad resulted in a Jesse Winchester concussion. There was some debate among those in the hockey world (namely the Ottawa media stick all) over whether or not that was a dirty hit. You Backhand Shelf readers voted unanimously for “clean hit” and the debate was put to rest in my mind and the internet.

Well, tonight there was no debate as Gaustad caught John-Michael Liles of the Leafs clean in the Sabres end after taking a pass from Phil Kessel off the sideboards with his head down. The result was earth shattering as Liles needed to leave the ice (temporarily) as he attempted to recollect when he skated over a set of train tracks.

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"Ah, got him right where I oh god he's going the other way isn't he"

I consider myself somewhat of a deke connoisseur, and let me tell you brother, what Kris Letang did to Roberto Luongo last night was the caviar of moves.

As a player, I was an offensive forward with a decent shot (compared to ECHL guys, not the Cammalleri/Stamkos/Kovalchuk type of human). At the very least, my shot could be described as relatively accurate.

But on a breakaway, I’ll be damned if I was ever going to just straight up shoot it.

You have all game to shoot, rushed situations where you pit your best against the goalies reflexes and try to pick a corner. When you have the time to drop a shoulder and juke and step and fake and do a million different things to get the goalie off-balance or frozen, you gotta cash in on that.

Not scoring here haunts me at night, but I like the picture.

That’s me on the right, making Marc Denis go to his right before coming back to his left and jamming the puck against the post with his skate. (Hey, I didn’t say I batted 1.000 at it.)

It seems that nobody knows that you have to fake when you have the chance to better than Kris Letang.

Last night Letang scored on Roberto Luongo in jaw-dropping fashion. In my last post I described being on the wrong end of this move as akin to being on a plane in turbulence when it suddenly drops a thousand feet and your stomach ends up in your mouth (a bit over the top, but whatever).

I figured I needed to share the move with all of you, our blog friends, so I headed over to YouTube (after some frustrations on, only to find the reason Luongo was so hopelessly burnt by Letang’s backhand: Read the rest of this entry »


Pictured: a high number of very good players.

With a fantastic night one in the books, it’s time to take a look back at the night that was, and celebrate the best plays from every game. (Man it’s nice to write about things that actually happened, not ones that might.)

Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

The new-look Philadelphia Flyers took their team into Boston on a tough night, as apparently their opponents won the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup before the game, rendering the rest of the season useless.

Wait, they didn’t win the Cup? Then why did they pass it ar….. I’m confused. So Joe Corvo’s name isn’t on there?

Then the season matters again, hurray!

Anyway, moving on. The new-look Flyers actually have a goaltender now, and he provided us with what might very well have been the best play from last night. The Flyers never used to get this save, and could be dangerous now that they actually get to play with a guy in net:

Oh man that’s slick. Marchand got the better of Bryz earlier in the game though, making a nice move on a breakaway and scoring the first goal of the NHL season. Fun fact: he scored the last goal of last season too.

Sick stretch pass by Seguin.

And, it was a three highlight game. Just as Marchand scored while the Flyers big d-man and captain Chris Pronger was on the ice, Claude Giroux walked the Bruins version of him, Zdeno Chara, and did the same. He also undressed Tim Thomas: Read the rest of this entry »