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I dunno, I was sick of pics of Bettman

Earlier today a tweet from a very informed reporter, Chris Johnson of The Canadian Press read as such:

28 games. Yeesh.

That would leave the NHL with a season that would conceivably be the same length as playoffs. How’s that for a small sample size?

We keep hearing Bettman and the NHL talk about the shortest possible length of season, and how we’re coming up on a drop-dead date, but seeing that tweet makes me wonder: why do we believe that Gary gives a shit about the “integrity” of the NHL? He’s cancelled over 2200 games in his time with the league.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the NHL was willing to go shorter than 48. Would you be?

I advocate listening to these guys less. (Dave Sandford, Getty Images)

“While the Men Watch” was disastrous on all levels, but there was one positive idea at its core, beyond the admirable intention of getting non-hockey fans interest in hockey. The idea of providing an alternate commentary track for hockey games is a good one. There are plenty of hockey fans who are dissatisfied with the play-by-play and colour commentary that is available on our current hockey broadcasts.

I know there are people out there who so prefer their local radio play-by-play to that of the TV broadcasts that they simply turn off the sound on their TV and sync up their radio with the broadcast. Unfortunately, this can get a bit complicated and some fans don’t like their radio commentary any better. Instead, I’d like to see broadcasters provide alternate commentary tracks online, synced up with the television broadcast, to serve fans’ varied interests.

To a certain extent, CBC has already done this with their online streaming of games in Punjabi, but I’m not talking about just providing commentary in different languages. I’m talking about commentary tailored to different fans’ interests. While it’s extremely unlikely that broadcasters would actually do this (there’s likely no money in it), but I could see an enterprising blogger or fan giving it a shot.

Here are some alternate commentary tracks I’d like to see:

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