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From @Mookalicious, the following tweet:

I am blown away by this. The Dome has pumped out every drop of water!! #abflood!

That’s great obviously, but still, yikes. One other pic below.  Read the rest of this entry »

dvr oops

I love that the above picture from Reddit Hockey came with the caption “I was sure I did the right thing by adding two hours to the DVR recording of the game before I left the house. That is until…”

Check that out – the game-winner is scored with 7:52 remaining on the clock.

Call me crazy, but two hours should be more than enough time. Hilarious to have it fall six seconds short.

(S/t BullOSullivan)

head glass

Well that probably wasn’t in the game plan. The shot is from a Sioux Fall Stampede game in the USHL. Quite the story for the isolated fan in orange!

(S/t to Endizcott)

From, via Chris Lund. Jagr arriving in Pittsburgh on June 20th, 1990.

Jagr arriving in Pittsburgh on June 20th, 1990. From, via Chris Lund.

I find Jaromir Jagr immensely fascinating.

There’s the skill that’s taken him to 8th all-time in NHL scoring. I’ve described him as the metal frame that makes up one of those quick-assemble gazebos: he can be compact and portable, then quickly become wide and lanky, holding off defenders without a thought while deciding what to do with the puck. That’s him in his present form though, as his younger days were more about dangles, sharp cuts and general domination.

There’s the personality, which we get in flashes of greatness, occasionally muddled with surliness.

There’s the mystique, and what I presume to be general selfishness. How could he sign with the Flyers? What goes on in this man’s head?

And through all that, there’s the general air of zero f***s given, as if none of this – his legacy in Pittsburgh, in the NHL, or as a person – ever crosses his mind. He is who he is and he does what he does. And sadly, he doesn’t have too many NHL games left in him after being a part of nearly 1600 total.

He’ll be returning to Pittsburgh with the Bruins this weekend, and there’s no guaranteeing he’ll be back there as a player again after this upcoming series. I have a hunch he could be a real problem for the Pens. Either way, we should probably enjoy it as much as I enjoy the picture at the top of this post. Or hell, as much as I enjoy this amazing outfit of Jagr’s. The NHL hasn’t seen too many like him.

jagr lucic 2

Earlier today James Duthie tweeted out a picture from 1998. It’s of nine-year NHL veteran Jaromir Jagr (Simmonds is old!), and 10-year old Milan Lucic. They are now teammates, and that makes this picture awesome.

(S/t to Deadspin)

hockey fall pic

The above picture is from a charity game in Toronto this weekend between the NHL Alumni and a team from the Toronto Transit Commission.

From the Toronto Star:

To partake in the ceremonial puck drop, [Mary-Margaret] McMahon walked out to centre ice on a red carpet, accompanied by officials including TTC CEO Andy Byford, Kevin Morton of the Amalgamated Transit Unionand TTC chair Karen Stintz, who brought along her two kids. As a TTC employee skated over for the faceoff, he hit a rut and lost control, said McMahon. Suddenly, she found herself in a heap on the ice, alongside Stintz and her kids, Byford and another TCC employee.

My worst fears as a player come true.

I apologize for filing this picture under “General Hilarity” given the tears from McMahon’s daughter and all, but I mean…come on. …Right? Everyone’s okay. Therefore, that’s generally hilarious.

(S/t to Puck Daddy)


This is a beard that a hockey player on planet Earth is currently sporting, via @linushugosson. His name is Emil Kaberg, and he plays in Örebro of Sweden’s second division. Eat your heart out, Brian Wilson. This one is entirely real, and it is spectacular.

…Shout-out to Radko Gudas.