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Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins - Game Three

The Stanley Cup Playoffs provide us with some of the best drama in sports, with their greatest offering being the glory of sudden-death overtime. No sport makes you switch from oh-man-oh-man-this-is-good-this-is-good  to  THIS-IS-BAD-THIS-IS-BAD quicker than hockey, which becomes doubly painful when “this is bad” turns into “that happened” and the finality of your favourite team’s loss starts to hit home.

Sometimes we’re treated to an extra 100 minutes, sometimes 100 seconds, but at some point the game just…ends. Abruptly. The game is over, pack up your belongings and go, there’s nothing else to see here.

With the Stanley Cup Final getting under way tonight, it’s the perfect time to look back about how we got here (and to cross our fingers hoping we get more OTs). The two teams in the Final happen to show up below in nine of the 24 extra-time games.

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You’re going to be seeing a lot more Patrick Roy in the next few years given his new role(s) with the Colorado Avalanche, so it seems like a fitting enough time to look back on the mark he’s already left on the NHL. Never a dull moment with this guy.

My only beef with the list: #10 should be higher. I love that move so much (as does Jake Goldsbie).

I can’t recommend you watch this short documentary enough. It’s tough to get through – like really tough – but you won’t regret doing so. The payoff and message is there.

Here’s how ESPN describes it:

The latest film is Cutthroat, by award-winning director Steven Cantor. Clint Malarchuk was famous for being an NHL goalie, but he would go down in hockey history for suffering one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports when an opposing player’s skate severed his carotid artery. This story covers Malarchuk’s miraculous physical recovery from the injury as well as the long and grueling emotional recuperation that took two decades and included an eventual stay in a mental hospital for PTSD treatment. [Warning: This film contains graphic footage of the injury.]

They usually are.

To meet the man behind the montages, check out this excellent, interesting column by Sean Fitzgerald on Tim Thompson.

The craziest part about this play is that it absolutely works. Well, actually wait, that’s not true – the crazy part is having the presence of mind and the stones to try it from a scoring situation, which you don’t get a ton of in a game.

But it does make sense; it allows him to pull the puck back from the defender’s stick, and get his stick in a position to make the pass.

Again, that’s Max Domi, Tie Domi’s son. Apparently he plays a bit more of a skill game.

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A decade into his NHL career, and Niklas Kronwall has already put together quite the highlight reel of on-ice carnage. I love his attitude about the getting run over – if it happens to me, I probably put myself in a bad spot.

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Jack Edwards is one of the best in the business. If you’re a Bruins fan, this is one hell of a goal call. If you’re a Leafs’ fan…here’s what you got.

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