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If you need a refresher on how the Leafs climbed their way back into playoffs after nearly a decade removed, take 15 minutes to soak this beautiful video in. And if you’re a Leaf hater, well, I imagine that’s been its own reward over the last decade, so you’re good.

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I was rooting for the Winnipeg Jets when they took on the Washington Capitals while scrapping for one of the final playoff spots in the East last night, if only because I write about hockey for a living and a Jets win would’ve meant STANDINGS MADNESS AND CHAOS (and also the whole “woo go Canada” thing). Still, I recognize that the Capitals are a far better team, and will make playoffs better to watch, so meh, things are properly sorted.

It became official last night when Alexander Ovechkin scored his TWENTY-SECOND GOAL IN TWENTY-ONE GAMES!!! into an empty net to ice the contest and all but lock up the Rocket Richard Trophy for himself, an insane feat that none of us saw coming when he was buried on page three of the scoring leaders a dozen-plus games into the season and folks like myself were desperate to find a reason that such a great scorer could so quickly become such a dud.

Anyway, the empty-netter I’m referring to is the one below: he gets the puck just above the top of the circles, and instead of skating it in, or trying to finesse it into a corner, he basically sees the two Jets players in front of the net acting like they’ll block his shot, flops his junk on the table, and says “Okay, if you’re crazy enough, block this 90-some mile-per-hour slapshot with your foot.” Read the rest of this entry »

ekman burrish

The commentator called the above pose a “downward-facing desert dog,” and to someone with a limited knowledge of yoga (me), I accept his proposal.

Adam Burish blocks the attempted shot of Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who then seems to carry on to give Burish a little extra somethin’-somethin’, then…I dunno, gets tangled in a web of confusion, I guess. And here’s what you end up with:

Full video below:

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At the under-18′s this year (division two), Lithuania gave up a short-handed goal to Great Britain with 32 seconds left that put GB up 3-2, which would end up being the final score of the game. That’s a frustrating way to lose.

So, naturally, a Lithuanian player whipped his stick helicopter style at a ref.

I don’t know if it was intentional or not (the “at the ref” part, I mean) – I’m leaning towards yes – but either way, that just happened. Remember kids: displays of anger and ref-blaming are key parts of the sporting culture, and it’s important to look at players like this as role models.


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This story went from “come on no way” to “ohhhhh” to “okay, that’s still hilarious” in a couple minutes for me.

Can I interest you in a similar roller coaster?

First, video #1 captionBruins assistant coach Geoff Ward blindly tosses his earpiece over the glass into a fan’s beverage. Read the rest of this entry »

The Special Hockey International tournament is an event for the developmentally challenged – this year it took place in Kitchner, Ontario. You can check out their website here, where they describe the event as such:

The annual SHI tournament brings together teams from across North America and Europe once a year for a major gathering, attracting more than 70 teams. This tournament traditionally alternates between a Canadian and American City, but has also been hosted in London, England. The SHI tournament is not a traditional tournament, however. There are no elimination rounds, no one team is crowned champion. In our eyes they are all champions. Every team plays 4 games and every player on every team plays equally.

The goal above from the event is amazing. Just pure patience, earnest goodness and love. Hope you enjoyed it – there’s some more background on it here.

The New Jersey Devils were on the powerplay against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight when they took a penalty. The ref’s arm goes up, Carolina has the puck, they pull their goalie to press… You know how this ends.

Most goals by a goalie all-time. Not bad.