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Yesterday on the excellent Canucks blog “Pass it to Bulis” (home of our very own Daniel Wagner and Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney), they ran the latest Roberto Luongo/Cory Schneider video about their battle to be number one. They’ve done joke videos like this in the past, if you haven’t seen them before.

If you didn’t already love these two, this should pretty much put you over the top.


I’m not exactly sure what to say about Kaspars Daugavins shootout attempt against the Bruins, except for that it was a lot of fun to watch, and it’s worked before. And it was weird.

Yeah, what he said.

Daugavins goes toe-down on top of the puck, as Phil Bourque once did many decades ago. Watch:

He then keeps pressure on the puck, skates it near-directly down the ice, and tries the spin-o-rama move. To his credit, he more or less beats Rask. If not for the remaining toe on the left side of the net, this is one of the most talked about shootout goals of all-time. Hell, it’s still going to generate conversation.

Here it is:

You can’t kill a guy for trying something like this when it’s worked for him in the past. Here he is in the AHL, scoring on the Hamilton Bulldogs: Read the rest of this entry »

For my money, Daryl Reaugh is the best colour guy in hockey (great on Twitter too, by the way). I enjoyed his commentary on this Drew Doughty hit on Alex Goligoski.

(Stick-tap to Kukla’s Korner)


As a general rule, I hate organizational finger pointing. “That team dives,” “that team embellishes,” that team whines and cries,” and of course “that team has no class.”

Stay Classy.

Hearing a fan imply that one team is more or less likely to be cheap or dive is great for me, because I find it’s a pretty surefire way to separate the people whose hockey opinions I value from those I don’t. And I specify “fan,” because I can allow that someone like Julien might have some other motivation for making a claim like that aside from true belief.

But still, I’ll give some credit where credit is due: Claude Julien made the mistake of taking up the cause of removing embellishing from our game right after a tough loss to a rival, and deserves to make to look a little silly.

From YouTube-ist MAKAVELI719696, here’s Embellishment City.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Pittsburgh Penguins

You may recall last season, when Evgeni Malkin waltzed through the Tampa Bay Lightning and scored the best goal of the 2011-12 season. Well, last night he scored another ridiculous goal, again against Tampa.

He picks up a turnover and rushes in for an opportunity, sees both d-man desperately trying to get to him before he can shoot, and decides to cut back against their overcommitment. He strafes so sharp that Lindback ends up having to dive across the net like Malkin passed it back-door to an open teammates, despite the fact that he does it all himself.

To quote Keanu Reeves: whoa.

Jonathan Drouin is going to go in the top 5 of the next NHL entry draft, mostly because he’s ridiculously talented. His performance at the World Junior Championships over the past year put him on my radar, and I quickly became a fan. Or a fanboy. Whatever.

The goal above (versus Bathurst) reminds of the stuff The Professor used to do on the And1 Mixtape Tour – juke someone, flat beat them, then head back to where they started because, whatever, I can do that whenever I want. Those kids he’s up against just aren’t in his league.

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pitt philly

Down Goes Brown tweeted it out this morning after @jisidore sent him a tweet with the text “Now that’s a Harlem Shake video I can tolerate.” DGB added “There’s a first time for everything.”

Yesterday’s Penguins/Flyers game featured possibly the most chaotic goal I’ve ever seen, which gave us the following still shots, at one point including every single Penguin but the goalie in, or touching their crease. Nicklas Grossman eventually got the goal. Read the rest of this entry »