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And they did pretty much nothing

As many of you know, we’ve been tracking social media chatter for the deadline and unveiled our first infographic earlier today with some names rumored to be moving. This one concerns everyone’s favorite media hub, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How’s this for the center of the universe? The Toronto Maple Leafs who, realistically, did nothing on trade deadline day were a social media behemoth as their fans clamored to figure out what deals, if any, Brian Burke would be making. Here is a brief rundown of the Leafs social media action.

The Leafs were mentioned over 30,000 times on Twitter from 8 pm on Sunday night until the 3 pm NHL Trade Deadline. That many mentions resulted in over 40 million impressions.

Ironically, the most talked about player in all of the Leafs banter was Rick Nash who isn’t actually a Leaf at all. Rather, it was Leafs fans begging and pleading with Burke and Co. to bring Nash to his hometown team. It didn’t happen.

Of course, the Leafs did make one trade today as Keith Aulie was swapped for Carter Ashton. Note the spike in Ashton mentions (over 1,900) once he was brought into the fold in Toronto. Ashton’s numbers doubled those of Mikhail Grabovski who had Brian Burke come out and openly state that he wouldn’t be trading #84 an hour and a half before he picked up Ashton.

Data Source: Sysomos

There are the numbers

Here at theScore we’ve been keeping track of the social media chatter regarding certain trade targets. What we’ve done is identify several key targets across the league, as well as players who have been traded, and tracked how many people are talking about them.

In the above graph, check out the spike in Andrei Kostitsyn once his trade was announced. It’s crazy how things can blow up when the Andrei Kostitsyns of the world get traded. Now we wait and see what the numbers will be like if a big name swaps places.

You’ll note some interesting details about these players:

All the chatter started to trend upwards at 10:00AM, before then it had been relatively dormant. The social media buzz didn’t pick up until six hours out from the deadline.

What’s more, of all of those players Kostitsyn was the only one to be traded. He hadn’t been discussed at all relative to the other players in this graph leading up to his trade, yet once he was swapped he’s had at least double the reach than any other top player. Since game time yesterday at 8PM until noon today, there have been over 6,000 total tweets mentioning his name.

Nash’s chatter has been gradually trending upwards since 8 AM, and has been increasing steadily as we progress towards the deadline. As the big name out there people are becoming more and more active online to find out whether or not he’ll be moved.

Even Luke Schenn, who hasn’t been mentioned in any specific trade rumors has been mentioned over 1,000 times and reached over 250,000 twitter users by virtue of playing for the Leafs. It’s crazy what a fanbase can do for increasing a player’s number of mentions. Compare that to the likes of Ott or Brown who have been mentioned in specific rumors for days and, while they have reached a greater number of users, they haven’t been mentioned nearly as many times.

For those wondering how we gathered this data:

To get the data for these infographics we used Sysomos ( a leading social media monitoring tool.

A big thanks goes out to theScore’s graphic design department for providing us with this great infographic. Check out this tumblr account to see more great work by the artist.

So…how’s the Cup drought looking for your team?

While I knew the Sabres, Canucks and Kings fans have all had their hearts ripped out in dramatic fashion at one point or another, I didn’t know this. The St. Louis Blues made the Stanley Cup Final in each of their first three years in existence….and lost all three times.


UPDATE: You humble author was born in 1982. I had no idea the expansion in 1967 led to the birth of an expansion conference. That seems poorly thought out (“But the new teams will get killed in the Final!” …. “Yes, yes they will.” …. “Okay, carry on then.”)

Ah well. Still technically made the Stanley Cup Final three times. Even if they did get swept each time.